Birthday money!


It’s my birthday! My mom and brother gave me some cash to spend and I don’t really have anything I need, so I figured I would pick up some PDF’s or maybe something cool like the Think Deck. So with that in mind;

  • Tell me about ICRPG Worlds and Magic. They look great no doubt, but I am not 100% sure they are something I would use. Sell me on these!

  • What other cool RPG related product do you recommend? Could be another PDF, dice box, or some other cool thing for the table. What’s your favorite product from Etsy or something (Bonus points if they are Canadian so the shipping is not crazy high).

  • Speaking of the Think Deck, what’s the quality of the printing from Drive Thru? I am sure it’s good, and looks great in the video.

Thanks for any tips!


Of course this is all opinion, but both of those books are great. Personally I’d get Worlds if you’re wanting to world build or look at further character growth. And I’d get Magic only if you’re wanting to expand the magics in your game. I’ve owned Magic since the beginning and have only used for inspiration but never for its actual magic system.

As for the Think Deck, I’m loving it and I was surprised by the good quality as I haven’t ordered decks from them before now.

I’ve always been frightened by the complexity of war games so I recommend WarMaker if you’re at all interested in that. I’d also suggest putting a little money towards the Patreon if you don’t already to get access to a lot of stuff.


I like the sound of Worlds more than Magic. But I am running an altered state game so neither would really be something I use right now. Plus I am making an effort not to collect things just for the sake of collecting them.

The think deck is a lot of fun, but looking back I may get the Deck of 52 instead. Good call on warmaker! I should ask my group if they want to try it out. Looks like Hank is doing a video on it right now as well so I can get a better sense about it.

And finally, yeah, the patreon would be a great idea!