Bioforms of the Hammer



The pregens in Heroes of the Hammer have a bunch of bioforms that don’t appear in the core books - were, draco, giant, orc, dark elf, snow elf, bird folk, etc. Are these detailed anywhere? I know bioforms are pretty much just one liners and wouldn’t be hard to make something up, just wondered if there were canon descriptions anywhere - or if any lumpyheads had any homebrewed versions they were using?
Also be interested to hear of any other bioforms people have in their games.


I have not personally created any but unless I missed something I don’t think the additional bioforms are “canon”. Its just one of the strengths of the system. The world is your oyster type of gaming and promotes taking your world to the outer limits… or inner… your choice…


If I remember right the racial bonus is basically just 2 extra points and maybe a small ability. For example a Draco could be something like +1 Str and +1 Con and have a breath weapon with a short range.


Maybe… Maybe…

Someone could compile a list where everyone can paste in their bio-form ideas for everyone to share from. I know I have a bunch in Ezzerhardens Incomplete Collection V1. We can never share enough ideas with the community to use for their games.

Just a thought…


In the Shaoyun beta I have a few different bioforms, as Homebrew_Heroes said its pretty easy to make them 2 stat bumps, or 1 bump and an ability.

Shaoyun does have a bird folk like race, the Garuda, though they do not fly if that is what you are looking for. They get +1 Cha, +1 Dex.