Big Thank You for the Stream



Hey, just joined up to express how grateful I am for the stream Hankerin did last night regarding writing. I’ve been kicking the can around a bunch of loose ideas for YEARS now with nothing to show for it but a bunch of chaotic scribbles and one-shots. NO MORE! I found myself taking notes and feeling really inspired, in particular when he discussed working linearly. Start at the start and FINISH THE TASK before moving on to the next and all that. So today, we started taking the ideas rattling around in my head seriously. Today we started at the beginning, with making a badass title page. The game is inspired by 70’s grindhouse/exploitation cinema, with a focus on morally dubious characters trying to make a quick buck before getting blasted to hell, whether by generic goons or something… stranger. Supernatural perhaps? In the one-shots I’ve run my brother called it “Dirty Harry as directed by Guillermo del Toro”. Which was praise. I think. Either way, the cover is done! Next up: credits.


As an aside, no, I didn’t paint that picture. It’s from a gallery on unattributed Mexican Pulp Novel art ( I just mangled it in Photoshop and gave it a slick title using this font (


Dirty Harry and Del Toro. Now that is a cool combo!


A retired cop, a 'Nam vet and two italian !not mobsters! are all hanging around a combo gas station/diner outside Vegas in 1977. A strange man keeps trying to enter the building, insisting on drinking “any water or fluid native to the property”. He’s got a gun. As the players try to figure out who he is and why he’s doing this, they are attacked by a boneless, slimy, hairless, six-legged cat demon that face-huggers you and feeds on your eyeballs. The phones don’t work. Guns do, though.