Big list of RPG plots


One of my favorite resources for adventure making!


Ah, it’s like an old friend came to visit :smile: Not seen this in a while…


I have had this page saved on probably four computers by now (that should tell you how old I am, lol). It’s a great resource.


Ahhhhhh, S. John Ross: another indie RPG genius!


Ah from the creator of Risus. Another fine game i like to use when it has to go fast


Thanks for the shout-out. Downloaded immediately!


Little secret some may not know…if you download “Risus” (it’s free), when you open the PDF be sure to click on the attachments icon inside Adobe Reader. S. John Ross has a hidden adventure attached called “Desperate Remedy” that is system neutral. Fun and very quick to play in ICRPG. :wink:


thats crazy😂

cant wait to try


New Lump here. Not sure about the etiquette of resurrecting an old thread or starting a new one…

I saw mention of Cumberland material (which is all good stuff), but I was surprised not to see anything about Sparks-paper minis in font form!

I loved these already, before finding ICRPG, but I think they’d be pretty useful!


Says nothing about age. You are just very hard on computers and they keep breaking.