Beyond the Gate & Key Community Adventure



I would love to get involved but I think I am going to be buried in my illustration projects (plus my damn day job). Perhaps I could throw a drawing or two in though.


That’d be cool! Keep up the great work man! :smiley:


suggested something like that on the discord channel


What I found helpful was knowing who was working on parts that were tied closely to mine. Like in this case, @skippy and I had the opening scenes so I tried to play off of his preface and come up with things that tied into that as well as leave openings for him to springboard from without railroading his ideas.

I also really appreciated the direct line of communication that @TheWunderLich set up. Multiple times we were able to reach out directly to discuss and brainstorm. It really made it nice, especially at the end when we were wrapping everything up.


Thanks! So it was pretty much all electronic comms? I prefer voice or video, personally, but I could do electronic.


I’m very tempted to throw my hat in, but I think I’ll have to wait until January. I’m doing NaNoWriMo, then holiday season will take a lot of my time. Come January, though, I’d love to be a part of something :smiley:


I’d love to see a sci-fi one!


Yeah, we mainly focused our comms on instant messengers, and the fotumd, but discord also had a voice function to do calls over, so if that helps you could always communicate over voice chat that way.


@Kingroy23 @Wildstar

Let’s do this! I’m up for the challenge!

Something set up in the 9001 millenium!!


Hehe, I’m not sure how much I could commit to being on the project as opposed to wanting to see the project, but if it gets off the ground I’d be willing to help as much I can.

I agree with @Andreas, the holidays are ramping up so maybe we revisit it in the new year.


Now that Halloween is behind us, was anyone able to run this?


Shame to say but I did not. I plan to, most likely as a trip in the Warp Shell campaign going on. It fits well with the cosmic horror vibe I’m going for! Can’t wait!


That sounds awesome and no worries. My gaming group has been trying to finish up Eyes of Sett and this is on the docket next.


i wanted to run this for my pre-halloween session, but i was running my Nobility of the Rope game, though i may try to rough in some vtt assets for this game and try to run it sometime in the near future. still trying to figure out what my next big project is gonna be.


This looks great! I was working on something pretty similar for Halloween but haven’t had the time to finish. It includes a desperate fight to the top of a lighthouse to kill the signal that summons an elder god.