Beyond the Door



Beyond the Door

Welcome fellow investigators of the Mythos &; Index Card RPGs fans. Welcome to Beyond the Door the ICRPG module. If you seeks to pull back the curtain of the normal world, to see that world as it truly is. You have come to the right place But the more your investigators learn the more unhinged their minds will become.

I was inspired by Hankerin Fernail’s adventure in the ICRPG CORE Beneath the Door (p162 of the ICRPG Core rulebook if you’re interested). Please note this module requires the ICRPG Core to be played.

I reached out and asked if anyone had taken the Mythos further in the world of ICRPG. He told me to run with it. In this humble module you will find the result of my “running with it.”

There are several new classes to build upon the ones already outlined in the ICRP Core Rulebook.

For royalty free printable city maps, that match the ascetic of the Mythos’ usual setting. If you feel that the game would work better in a different time setting. Please change what you feel you need to. This is merely a set of resources to use or change at your discretion.

  1. The Journalist, Determined, Curious, Equipment: Gold fountain pen (+2 to Wisdom)
  2. The Archaeologist, Intelligent, Analytical, Equipment: Palette Knife scraper (+2 on history related rolls, INT rolls are easy)
  3. The Minister, Compassionate, Stalwart. Equipment: Rosary (Heal 1 sanity 3 times per day)
  4. The Detective, Cold, Insightful. Equipment: Silver Badge (+2 to investigation checks WIS checks are easy)
  5. The Drifter, Disillusioned, Worn-out, Equipment: Old trinket (start with 13 Sanity)
  6. The Dandy (Male), Quaintrelle (Female), Flirtatious, Passionate, Equipment: Tiepin/necklace, (+3 Charisma, persuasion checks are easy)

Please see CORE ICRPG book (p166) for a further four classes.


There are several locations that can be used in this universe. The obvious ones like a certain
Massachusetts costal town or the other main university town that crops up in the Mythos.

I’m not usually one for drawing maps. If you feel it would enhance your game, I can recommend;

For old city maps

For some traditional RPG style maps

However as a resident of Europe, I feel that they are some great old cities to use here in the old world. I have included royalty free maps of some European cities if you want to use some others you can find them at the link listed above

Mythos Locations

Dreamlands - This is an ethereal land, a plane of existence that has many weird and wonderful beings the Great ones. Also there is the city of Celephaïs a timeless place that nether withers or decays.

The Nameless City - A ruined city built by a lizard folk, in the middle east near Bagdad. There are ruins that have been buried by the desert. Part of the city is underground.

Carcosa - an alien city on which Hastor is purportedly to reside on.

Hyperborea - An area in the distant north, from the Greek words hyper meaning beyond and borea referring to the northern wind

R’lyeh. - lost city buried underneath an island of the coast of South America

Yuggoth - a planet on the edge of our solar system just past Pluto.


Fire Axe

Bowie knife



Brass knuckles

Throwing Daggers



Push Dagger (small needle like dagger to hold between fingers)

Kukri (51cm long short sword)

Rapier Fencing sword

Colt Vest Pocket Pistol .25 - small hand sized pistol.

Webley MK VI revolvers
Smith And Wesson Model 10
Colt 1911

Thompson Machine Gun (3 shots per round)

M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle +2 weapons damage

Lee Enfeild Bolt action rifle range is double far

Vickers-Berthier Light Machine Gun (2 shots per round +1 to weapons damage)

Crossbows (10 Bolts) range far + weapons damage


Shadows in Rome

You are invited to Rome by a cardinal to investigate some people who have been amassing followers. Bodies have turned up with weird scarring on it. A new noble woman has swept into town.

  • Vatican Library you are invited by an agent of the church

  • Morgue where some local thespians have had their throats cut

  • Wine cellar

  • Hidden Bar/Speakeasy

  • The church

  • Muesum

  • The opera house

Port/Ship on the way to Scandinavia

  • A ship is on it’s way to the artic circle. Your players are on an artic expedition to the north for lost treasures or scientific endeavours.
  • Pirate attack the ship on the way there.
  • Are the pirates humans? Fishmen?
  • Arrival in Reykjavík, a ghost town. Where are the residents?
  • A derelict library, old news papers hint at the trouble
  • Did a mining expedition find gold? Uranian? Oil? Something else?
  • A storm rolls in cutting off the players from their escape
  • Has something from the ice melted?
  • Was the water contaminated?
  • Has a seal broken that needs to be repaired

Under the Canals of Amsterdam

  • People have gone missing, but no one local remembers that there are gone.
  • Photos in home of people they don’t remember
  • They don’t have any memories of the people in the area.
  • Some people don’t know who they are
  • Are they shipping people out as slaves? Sacrifices?
  • Are goods being smuggled? Art? Drugs?
  • Are there German officers hiding out?
  • There are secret clubs, retired spies drink and reminisce
  • Old resistance hideouts


  • Bread, a staple of any diet, heal 1 hp.
  • Mouldy bread, not so nice food lose 1 hp if eaten
  • A double headed coin.
  • A tarot deck (can be used to ask GM questions, discuss with your GM.)
  • A pack of cigarette
  • A blank journal
  • Flash bomb throw far -3 to perception to anyone effected. Disoriented for 2 rounds.
  • A staff with runes engraved on it. 7ft long, +2 CON
  • A set of lock picks roll DEX easy check to open locks.
  • A skull with gems for eyes, it is covered in runes. Once picked up the eyes glow and it burns hot.
  • Gold bar worth 1000 coin
  • Gold coins worth 130 coin
  • A scroll of runes lose 2 sanity if successfully translated and read gain 1 WISDOM
  • An iron gauntlet can’t be taken off once put in +3 STRENGTH
  • Pearl handled hairbrush +2 CHARISMA (if used every 24 hours)
  • Exotic knife with strange sigils -1 HP to target per turn until healed with an antidote or magic.
  • Skull headed key melts locks when inserted into them
  • A leather pouch of tobacco
  • A clay pipe
  • A glass eye
  • A screwdriver
  • A monkey wrench
  • Gems, Amethyst, Emeralds, Sapphire, (Worth 2 x D12 Local currency)
  • 3 inch high Statue of a Eastern Deity, +2 persuasion -1 Sanity per use
  • Peyote - A cactus with psychoactive alkaloids, you can use this to visit the dreamlands
  • Plum-line - Detects magical influence
  • Hunters Orb - Once a target’s name is spoken, it will glow once they are within a 3 mile radius. Brighter as you get closer.
  • Fire scroll - SPELL Once read, lose 1 sanity and create a fire at will doing D8 damage to targets.
  • Amethyst Bracelet - The singularly gemstone will glow in the presence of evil.
  • Miner’s Lantern - Perception rolls are easy, if illuminates a horror lose an extra sanity.
  • Climbers Crampons - Climb checks are easy,
  • A pack of traditional tarot cards
  • A pack of twisted tarot cards (if a reading is made lose 1 sanity)
  • A blackjack +1 Weapon damage
  • Katana & Wakizashi two Japanese swords one long one short +3 Weapon damage
  • A notebook full of manic scribbles none of them make sense.
  • A book of botany
  • A book bound in human leather, arcane sigils are burned into it.
  • large diamond 250 coin
    • A bag of rubies worth 150 coin
    • A spectral raven now follows you around +3 perception rolls +2 intimidate (only visible to owner and when intimidating)
    • Books of spells, bound in human flesh. If read roll CON roll fail: lose 5 sanity, pass lose 2 sanity. Learn 2 spells from the curse spells from ICRPG MAGIC.


I am having a hard time slowing down to read this post because it’s all so good and inspiring! Great work!


Thank you it’s means a lot to hear that.