Beneath the Door Character sheet



Hello Everyone! First time posting for you all and I wanted to show my character sheet for Beneath the Door. Enjoy!


Very cool stuff!
If you would play Beneath the Door with ICME-rules (having a d10 as an additional EFFORT die) what would you think d10-EFFORT would be in that setting?


An itsy bitsy complain that I would have is the D20 on the “To Revive” die: just put 20 instead to be more clear!

Aside from that, I love it! Well done! :wave:


Nothing comes to mind, so I will leave it to anyone else to make the call.


I see it now. Thanks for the insight!


In Master Edition melee weapons and ranged weapons are differentiated, so that D6 Weapon Effort is something like knifes, swords, fireplace pokers etc. and D8 is Gun Effort. Magic Effort would then be D10. I’m not sure if that’s something you would like for your game, but that would be one possibility.