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LATEST UPDATE Monday June 10th, 2019…

  1. Updated the PSI rules
  2. Created new mechanic called FOCUS
  3. Added Special Rules section
  4. History of Bear and Men
  5. Rule of Null, Rule of 3 and Rule of Eternum are done
  6. PSI FX added
  7. included a brief description of the Corrupt and the Black King
  8. and lots lots more…including a pic of Magnus Skycaller!


On a successful CHA check, you gain FOCUS points equal to CHA+1.

  • FOCUS points do not regenerate and are lost when TIME changes.
  • Spend them on a bonus action, additional effort dice, or a myriad of PSI FX.
  • Once they are expended another FOCUS check is needed to replenish them.


Once you have a target in FOCUS, spend FOCUS to use PSI FX against your target.

  • PSI FX have various FOCUS points cost
  • You can only have 1 FOCUS target at any given time.
  • Range is Line of Sight for all PSI FX.
  • Once you FOCUS on a target, you must make another FOCUS check to change targets.
  • You do not make attempts or checks to apply PSI FX.
  • Taking damage from any attack, causes you to lose your FOCUS.
  • You may voluntarily release a target in FOCUS at any time.


PSI Crystals store FOCUS points based on their type. You can access & store FOCUS, at any time as a free action, by simply touching the crystal.


White (Common) 2
Red (Uncommon) 4
Blue (Rare) 6
Black (Very Rare) 8

… Game On!

Setting Guides

Hold is basically a delayed effect, representing a setup for a later payoff. So a good mechanic should reflect that, while also staying true to the underlying economy of your game.

Two half baked examples:
Make a Wis roll, if successful you choose: deal basic psi damage and get a HOLD or no damage and get two HOLD. Spend your HOLD to increase damage by +1 basic effort on a future roll. On a failed attempt, all HOLD are lost.
(So basically, you charge by betting on your chances to roll high).

Roll Wis, on a success you get a HOLD over your target. Gain an additional HOLD at the end of each of your turns if your target is within line of sight; lose one if they’re not. Spend your HOLD at any time to unleash a psychic blast dealing 1x basic effort per hold spent.
(If your game is about movement, and/or you prefer the aesthetics of a silent observer biding their time).


I figure I’m missing something, but what’s the reasoning to create new posts for Bear Wars, rather than consolidating all info regarding Bear Wars to one location or even updating the original post? Just a little confused.


idk… i will consildate them all into this thread… good idea… i was just posting new ones with every iteration…I will update the top post to the latest version with links in the header and pic! Thanks for the suggestion… I didn’t know what I was thinking before…



The link above is to the playtest google doc I have been working from. I think there is enough here for playtest.

The first adventure is the The Knights of Salt. Thanks to everyone who has offered suggestions so far…

The document has a lot to offer but there is more to come. Here is a brief intro…


A World War between Bears and Man set in a fantasy desert wasteland.

  • We, the BEARS and our kin, have traveled from OSOLAT to escape a war, only to find another in KINGSLAND.
  • KINGLSLAND is our new home, but this new world is dangerous.
  • We are the clans of the BEAR: Brown, Black, Grizzly, Panda, Polar, and Koala
  • We live in a state of constant war against MAN, and their insatiable hunger.
  • The BEARS of Kingsland are new to this land, but not new to war.
  • BEARS are fierce fighters, known for their strength and prowess in combat.
  • The SPIRES are dangerous rocky columns covering the plateau of land to the north.
  • HUMANS live in the cracks of the SPIRES.
  • The father BEARS foretold our arrival and our struggle with the MAN and BEAST, but we had no other place to run.
  • MAGIC is unreliable and has only just been discovered by the BEARS. MAN mastered MAGIC long ago.
  • BEARS also have great powers. It is called PSI.
  • PSI and MAGIC are not compatible.
  • There are 2 kinds of humans, MEN and BEASTS. Men are the leaders and control MAGIC. Beasts are the larger, stronger and mutated version of man.
  • BEARS number in the hundreds, maybe a thousand at most. They are the last of their kind. Fighting for survival against an insatiable enemy, MAN.
  • There is only one thing MAN fears, GRIFFONS.

Version 0.5 Notes

Added description to the adventure “The Knights of Salt”

Changed the title of adventure to The Knights of Salt and brief desc

Added ti the history of MEN and the Black Magic Wars

Changed the GREAT WEAPON tag adding a die to EFFORT

Added to the History of BEAR and History of MEN

Added footnote to GRIFFON art

Added Eternum and Salt Crystal effects for spells and powers



A BEAR WARS Adventure (Working Title)


The planet is named SALT… You have found a crystal spear that belonged to the great Magnus Skycaller. You discover the legend of the Knights of SALT, and find Magnus himself is one of them!

They were an ancient group of heroes that attempted to save the planet and failed, thus was created the desert wasteland called Kingsland.

The Knights of SALT are now called to action again to save Kingsland and all of SALT before the same fate happens again. But what happened, and why did they all die? You have been chosen to find out why and how.

The crystal weapons hold the BEAR souls of the Knights of Salt. When the time is right, the knights soul will take over the weapon wielders body and engage in an epic battle to save the planet. But first you have to find the weapons… they have been lost for decades.


I want to add some concepts to BEAR WARS…

  1. 5 KEY ELEMENTS… earth, water, air, fire, and eternum. The last element is used to power magic… similar to orichalcum it is an ore that can be used to enhance and empower magic. I want to use 5 poker chip style tokens that players can use in combinations for effects… too much?
  2. PSI… I am thinking it could replace magic and/or only accessible to BEARS to thwart the HUMAN master of MAGIC… each cannot affect the other… crystals and a lot of the Ultimate Psionics book could be ported over.
  3. WEAPON MASTERY from the D&D (Black Box) Masters Set (BCMI) for the BEAR clans… they are supposed to be great fighters and soldiers… so why not give each clan a weapon mastery skill? so if a BEAR uses his clans signature weapon, they can milestone the effort die from Weapon effort (d6) to Magic (d8) to Tech (d10) to Ultimate (d12) effort instead of choosing a new keyword…

Comments are welcome… and … Go!


I selected the art to better see the bears and stumbled on the doc. I like the concept and everything looks good. Thank you for sharing, the koala bear in front is my favorite.


Thanks. The art was done by none other than Richard Whitters from Wizards for the Coast!.. I modeled the NPC Magnus Skycaller off that same little koala sketch… good art makes good writing… Glad you liked it!


You have some very good concepts that I will try an tighten up. Thanks for the input! … Good stuff


Easy solution is to drain HP. Drain as much HP as you need to do what you want to do. Need another 3 effort? Drain 3hp. Then you have the nice psionic effect where the character starts bleeding out the ears and nose from trying to push themselves and maybe even makes themselves pass out.

I’m working on a psionics system for my cyberpunk Homebrew and was gonna have a separate mental health HP pool as well. Reason being I don’t want"fail a save and you’re now mind controlled" psychic powers, so I figured to mind control someone or make their head explode you have to drain their mental health first.

You could have something like that. Actually, I might add this HP drain to push your check to my system, thanks for the idea!


You have some interesting thoughts… It’s a fine line… I dont want psionics to resemble magic, so I really want a good mechanic that simulates the ebb and flow of psionics without adding too much to the system load. I am still working it out… let us know how your game works for you! I am sure we would ALL like to know. … Game On!


I don’t think that resembles magic… I haven’t had a chance to check out the new magic book yet, is there an hp drain mechanic in that?

Anyway, for me I don’t have a problem with psionics looking like magic. Under my system they’re basically WIS powers with a few tweaks and that’s fine with me.


I think what I meant was … For Bear Wars, my design theory is to have PSI NOT USE the same STAT roll, activate ABILITY, mechanic that MAGIC uses in ICRPG. I definitely want a different feel for the player at the table; micro-transactions of power points, hold moves, or something akin to those is what I am shooting for…

But PLEASE continue to bounce your feedback to my posts… I value and appreciate everyone difference of opinion, play styles, methods, and ideas, as well as comments on my crazy ass ideas.

Thanks, … Game On!


Added FOCUS and PSI details to the summary at the top!


Does anyone have any feedback on the latest revision? I was told I needed more info on the Knights of Salt.
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