Battle Magic



Battle Magic

You have one White Heart
This gives you 5 points spend on the following dice for that spell.

Points. Dice

  1.           2D4. 
2               2D6

3.             2D8
  1.         2D10
  2.         2D12

complete a T.N 13… To cast

Then make T.N 13… Save V’s …Magical Damage

If you fail you might take damage:
You add 2 Black Dice.
Alongside your 2 White damage dice.
If the Black dice rolls higher
Than one of your damage dice.
You must accept the 2 Black dice damage. To yourself.
If the Black dice roll lower
Opponent still takes all your white Dice damage.


I feel like there is some explanation missing here

  • What is Battle Magic?
  • What are white/black dice/hearts?
  • Why this versus magic in the book?


Reading it as
A “white heart” is your magic pool.
White heart equals 5 points.
TN 13 to cast.

1 point = 2d 4 effort
2 points = 2d6 effort
3 points = 2d 8 effort
4 points = 2d10 effort
5 points = 2 d12 effort.

TN 13 to save…
Your table your rules….thinking on how I would use this…
To clean it up…1 heart equals 10, double the points used for each effort, probably add some in the middle.
1 point = 1d4
2 point =1d6
3 points = 1d8
4 points = 2d4
And so on-ish

TN should be the room TN. Perhaps a hard roll???
Or perhaps it’s an Item/artifact???

The White Heart Crystal of Skira.
Grants any user the ability to summon a Ray of light so devastating it damages most targets.
Independent of stats a roll of 13 to activate, as the wielder visualizes the target.

If failed roll occurs that many points of HP is removed from the Wielder and inserted into the crystal as impurity.

10 points of impunity chatters the crystal.
The last ray of the days light cleans all impurities or charges a pure crystal.

Crystal acts as a light source, powerful when pure at 10 points, equal to a candle at 1 point of power.

Seems to fit the risk Vs reward most setting have in ICRPG.


While your use of the dice chain for bonus magic dice is a novel idea, i dont think your mechanics add anything to the game.

a pool of points to spend on dice for spell effort is not new, but having to make an additional roll to cast a spell only seems to add complexity for the player.

Has this hack seen any gametime? That may bring to light some unexpected things… Game On!


Complexity rolling a D20 before casting spell.?
You might strain a muscle or something.
Yes been tested no qualms here.
The hack came from a response to somebody wanting a
Don’t Rest Your Head idea.


I use T.N 13 as a go to for a number of things
It’s all in the D20 home brew rules I’ve shared around.
Players get heaps of bonuses to help them achieve it.
It’s possible reduce that T.N.
13 …Unlucky for some


White Hearts are your Magic Point
Black Hearts Darkness Dice

Battle Magic are combat spells

Why V’s Magic ? Why not?


Intriguing take one I shall bare in mind
If nothing the White Heart Crystal sounds intriguing
Is that something you just created?


Yup, sorry 90% of my posts are stream of consciousness post….x is a problem because???y might be a solution….z fits better but is too complex…

Real thought is required to cut all the excess of Z. The identification of why something doesn’t fit is instinctual, articulating it happens in incomplete ways.

And I didn’t create the White Heart Crystal…you did, I just put it in a package that was more palatable to my sensitivities of how things should flow.


That’s cool mate breaking it down as inspired a new unique loot
One Time mega shot idea
In a fantasy game it’s basically an additional blast of energy

In a sci-fi just a bit of a tweak to a gun or whatever
Or a device ( A large James Bond ) " Don’t push that button"
Kind of thing.