Back to Bascis - Timers!



Rewatching this valuable and foundational video: for inspiration as I plan for my party’s upcoming confrontation with the BBEG of the current arc. I plan to use D4s, but many of them: the temple they’re fighting in will have ~100 civilians in it, who will be trapped inside and will be attacked by 5 of the BBEG’s 20 (!) minions each turn. The players will have a choice: place themselves at greater risk by prioritizing saving as many civilians as possible (killing minions AND finding a way to help them get out - when there’s only a single visible entrance) - OR concentrating on the BBEG so he doesn’t get away again, but risk a higher casualty count.

I’m hoping that this form of timer will provide two pressures: not just a running clock that encourages the players to act quickly and decisively, but also forces a moral imperative on them (another of Hank’s wonderful ideas). One way to deal with the rubble blocking the exit would be their NPC ally’s thunder magic…a pity, then, that she’s going to be subjected to a dominate person spell at the outset of the encounter…