B/X Style Character Sheet


Quick little OSR Style two sided character sheet, does include Dungeon Craft’s alignment tracker.

You can download the pdf here…


Stay safe everybody.


This is downright cool. I dig it. Thanks.


Really cool. Is there a print friendly version (without the black areas around the edges)?


Give me a couple days and I’ll get ya one that has the layers to turn on and off.


A set of sheets without background are in the google drive.


First, I love these! LOVE LOVE LOVE these. They will likely be my standard kind of love. I also love the dtrpg offerings! These BOTH rock hard. This is what I have started and not completed several times already. THANKS for saving me the work :wink:


The no background sheets say they are “cleric” character sheets.


Good catch man! I will get it updated ASAP.


Done and updated. Glad you like everything, not really sure what the next release will be.


Looking forward to it! Keep busting this stuff out


Doing these books I kinda fell in love with b/x again so I’m currently working on some adventures for Old School Essentials but I am going to try to adapt them to AC&C/ICRPG when they are done.