Attrition blog post


After reading Hanks blog post just now about Attrition ,his example of Conan having his helmet knocked off brought to mind a couple of questions.

could “conan” use his action during his next phase to retrieve his helmet? If so, does he regain his DEF points for the encounter?

If the answer to A is yes, what keeps our players from selecting to be disarmed opposed to “disabled”?

“Disarm” attrition? Thoughts?


My understanding is that the helmet would’ve been dented or otherwise damaged though not destroyed. So it would do nothing for Conan’s DEF if he retrieved it in the heat of battle. He could get it afterwards and repair though


OK, yeah I can see playing it that way. I guess the wording from @Runehammer blog post about chasing after the helmet triggered the thought of a character scrambling for their prized helmet in a panic. Like maybe taking a Hurry action to dive after it and put it back on.


Sure, but if NOT RETRIEVED AT ALL … well, that’s a permanent loss.
In teh scene in the comic, they hurry out of the tavern to meet an attacking army, so the helmet “flying into a corner” could cost an action to retrieve, even if yet-dented


@Runehammer , can you see any scenario where the GM should/could choose the item/skill for attrition? In my head, I’ve got this idea of a nemesis to the players that knows the items the player values. Maybe a sword or shield of legend and the enemy directly targets that specific item either to destroy or take for himself.


you bet! aimed shots by foes would grant a DEFENSE bonus for the target, but yes!


Doh! When I read your response I knew that sounded familiar, pg. 125 in the attrition deep dive! I’m loving the book so far. Though I may try to squeeze that “disarm attrition” in there for my players (wife and pre-teen kids) to start out with so I can kinda pad my shots on them a little bit. Lol


I see it as, if my helmet had a bullet hole in it and I survived, I wouldn’t keep using the same helmet because it’s structurally compromised. A dented helm is just the same, if anything, there’s a pointy knob poking you in the head.

That’s where taking the Recovery action to Repair your gear in safety works.


Yeah, I totally get that… I’m just thinking in terms of something just getting knocked out of your hands or off your head in this case. The item isn’t damaged, just out of your hands/reach. Now you’ve go to make a decision: chase after it and re-equip it leaving yourself vulnerable or let it sit and hope no one else grabs it and that you survive the encounter.

Just a thought lol, might not work great at the table.