Attack On The Pale Archives


Game: The Brutal North (ICRPG Hack that I will provide)
When: Saturday, January 28. 8:00 PM EST (GMT-5), planned for 2 Hours.
Where: Discord and ICVTT
Size: 3 to 5 players in a One Shot

The heroes will be stopping an attack on the Pale Archives, the North’s primary method of knowledge preservation.

I especially invite you if you have already played in this adventure.

Pre-Gens can be provided if desired, but I would prefer doing character creation as a group over the weeks before the game.


I’m down! I played last time. It was awesome.


You got it. I will send a DM


Sounds interesting, I’m in!

Fairly new to ICRPG and this community so looking forward to this.


I already have a full game for this, but I would love to give you an invite to my server so you can join something in the future! I’m developing a set of stock one shots so I can run something basically whenever I want, so I might run something on February 4th or 11th, depending.


no worries :slight_smile: