Asklepion: Campaign Report



Greetings, Shield Wall! Tomorrow kicks off my new Warp Shell campaign in which the PCs try to save the universe through nonviolence and medicine. I thought I’d share our work here. Let’s start with the opening encounter, Medevac. Feedback is welcome and feel free to use my ideas for your own game. Eventually, I plan to publish a full campaign booklet, complete with classes, LOOT, NPCs, and encounters.


This looks great. What are the green circles? Was the battle literally advancing across the map (meaning persons 9 and 7 would be much more difficult to save) or was it more abstract?


The green circles are allies. The green circle with red dots is their friend. The enemy forces aren’t on the map yet, and won’t be until the Target hits 18, at which point, the area is overrun. Casualties 7 and 9 are no harder to get than 1, 4, and 5, as they are the farthest from cover.


Thank you for the reply. I was interested in the post about a non-violent campaign a while back (although I had nothing to contribute)


This looks great! Really excited to this coming to fruition for you, dude. :raised_hands: Looking forward to it.


Thanks, @JDStirling. I know some time ago you enjoyed my Paramedic class. Here’s the draft we’re playing with. I have a PC who’s a Ghost Armor Paramedic. FYI, I am playing with ICRPG noobs, so I selected their starting LOOT for them:


Here are some additional ideas, which you may consider for this or similarly-themed encounters in the future.

INCOMING: Place a laser guidance marker on a random location on the board, and roll a 1d4 round timer. When the timer expires, that spot is hit by an enemy missile killing anyone in the blast radius. A new laser guidance marker is placed at random, a the timer re-rolled.

CRAWLING DISARRAY: At the end of each round, all wounded soldiers moves 1d3 inches. Initially, each moves towards a randomly determined edge (1: North, 2: East, 3: South, 4: West), but this might change with obstruction, guidance, or coordination. A soldier who moves over the board edge is lost.

WRECKAGE: Instead of rocks, the cover is a damaged school bus (large) and jeep (small). Engines are dead, but you can push them with enough force.


Here is the “tank” class. One of my players is a Kitt Hygiean, and took the 5 HP deal :rofl:


Mastery of Hygean seems OP unless they are temp HP. Or at least to make it clear. Or some time around session 31 they may have 180 HP.

Most of the rest is a bit OP, but they are a protector, not a damage dealer…yet in your game if you have 4 of these, you may need to adjust. But if one or two, you are fine.


Just my assumption but I believe the Mastery is meant to heal you 1d4 HP not grant it over your own. Could be wrong though, but that is what I understand it to mean.


Yes, the intention is to heal. It’s actually the same Starting Ability and Mastery as the Warrior Defender in Quickstart 2E.

As to the rest being OP… eh? Maybe. We’re playtesting and having fun :slight_smile: