Asking for Feedback on Pre-Prepared Character Sheets



I’m preparing Last Flight of the Red Sword as a one-shot adventure for a group of 4 to 5 friends. Last time we played, my friends found character creation quite tedious. So, for our second one-shot session, I’ve designed five characters in advance; I’ve included those character sheets in the second post of this thread.

I would appreciate constructive criticism on the characters’ mechanics and overall design. :slight_smile:


Xill Biomancer

Role: Healer, Buffer, WIS Spellcaster
Expected behaviour: This character is expected to deal with the constant dilemma of boosting ally damage and healing them. In either case, spellcasting is heavily rewarded. Psionic attack lets the player play a more involved role in combat in case healing and boosting isn’t relevant.

Key stats:

  • WIS (+6)

Bioform Ability:

  • PSIONIC ATTACK (Innate WIS Spell): WIS contest against enemy within FAR range. On success, you send psionic waves to cloud enemy’s mind, making all rolls against them EASY for one TURN.

Class Abilities:

  • ABILITY 1 → ENERGY STAR (WIS Spell). Harvest 1D10 ENERGY from any NEAR source and deliver it as healing EFFORT this ROUND; or deliver ENERGY as a BONUS to any roll in the following ROUND to you or other players.

  • ABILITY 2 → ENERGY SURGE (Passive): Any time you use ENERGY STAR, gain 1D8 ENERGY stored. On your next TURN, stored ENERGY may be added to your action or it can be retained. Up to four units can be retained in this way, but retention requires a WIS check. On fail, ALL retained units are discharged in a NEAR radius circle, damaging you and those close to you. Each discharged unit deals d6 damage.

  • MASTER ABILITY → ENERGY NOVA (Passive): ENERGY STAR can be used as a circular area effect in NEAR radius. ENERGY SURGE now grants 1d12+WIS ENERGY stored instead of 1d8. [For explanation see note in italics below]

Note. ‘MASTER ABILITIES’ are initially locked – players can only see the title of the ability, but the description reads ‘???’. Master abilities are unlocked once players defeat the first boss or achieve a similar ‘half-way point’ in the session._

Starting Loot:

  1. BLASTER: The sturdy, basic sidearm of space. Easily concealed under any armor or clothes. Occupies NO inventory space.
  2. ENERGY BLADE: An elegant weapon from a civilized time. Does ENERGY damage. On a natural 1, the weightless blade cuts its user for 1 HP damage.
  3. ZURIN SYMBIOTE: The Zurin primordial form. This tiny organism binds to the spinal cord and enhances subtle empathy. Stabilising rolls are always EASY. Gain 1d4 HP at the start of each turn.
  4. LINK ARMOR +1 DEFENSE: A light reinforcement to any clothing made from tiny links of nonmetallic ceramic material.

Reptoid Heavy Assault

Role: Ranged DPS, Crowd Control
Expected behaviour: Chains attacks for massive damage. Chain ability synergises with healer’s ‘boost’ spell, potentially resulting in preposterous damage. Lizard feet bonus enables unusual positioning on ceilings or walls.

Key Stats:

  • WEAPON Effort (+3)
  • DEX (+3)

Bioform Ability:

  • Lizard feet. Walk on any solid or semi-solid surface without reduced movement speed.

Class Abilities:

  • ABILITY → Deadly Rally (Passive): Attacks of modified 15+ earn you another attack. This effect can be chained with itself.
  • MASTER ABILITY → Bullet Hell: On attacks that unleash 4 shots, choose to inflict 8 shots and empty the weapon instantly. On a successful DEX check to reload, your turn continues. On failed check, you must reload on your next turn before you can attack (or switch weapons).

Starting Loot:

  1. HEAVY MACHINE GUN . Unleashes one attack on 1d4 enemies. Weapon must be reloaded on natural 5 or less. Reload requires successful DEX check.
  2. CHEM RAIL: A charged ion rail gun that slowly builds powerful shots. Add another GUN damage die for each TURN spent powering up a single shot.
  3. ION GRENADE SLING: A bandolier of 6 explosives which can work on a D4 ROUND fuse or be set to explode on impact. ULTIMATE damage in a NEAR radius.
  4. LINK ARMOR +1 DEFENSE: A light reinforcement to any clothing made from tiny links of nonmetallic ceramic material.

Mech Guardian

Role: Tank
Expected behaviour: Defend allies and debuff enemies; Absorb massive amounts of damage. Where crewmates are positioned in relation to the guardian will determine whether they are on the frontlines. sideflanks, or rear-echelon of the battle.

Key stats:
CON (+3)
STR (+3)

Bioform Abilities:

  • Built to last. +1 Heart
  • Reboot. Stabilising you requires hard INT ATTEMPT from your crewmates, but you recover 1 HP on a successful stabilise. You cannot stabilise yourself, but you do not bleed out unless you sustain -15 damage in one ROUND.

Class Abilities

  1. ABILITY → FORCEFIELD CORE: Ignore any damage of 4 or less. A critical hit shuts down the forcefield, requiring 1d4 TURNS to recharge.
  2. MASTER ABILITY → FORCEFIELD OVERDRIVE: Reaction . Requires active forcefield to be used. STR check to negate all damage from a single attack. Deactives force field module for 1d4 TURNS.

Starting Loot:

  1. VIBRO-BLADE: A duranium blade with vibrating nano-blades to enhance cutting effect. Critical success on natural 19 or 20. Also unbreakable by physical means.
  2. RIPSAW: A carbon-toothed chainsaw weapon designed to tear apart armor and equipment. For each 5 damage inflicted, remove 1 DEFENSE, or destroy 1 item.
  3. MAGNETIC SHIELD: Reaction. If an ally in CLOSE range is about to be attacked, STR check to become the enemy’s new target. If this reaction succeeds, the foe must roll against your defense score to hit.
  4. NANOBOT-COLONY: An army of nanobots inhabits your armor, reinforcing your body against enemy attacks. Gain +1 defense each time you are hit by an enemy. This benefit resets at the end of your TURN. The armor’s bulk makes DEX rolls always HARD.

Kitt Engineer

Role: Summoner, Disruptor, INT Spellcaster
Expected behaviour: Creative interactions with environment, turn hazards into opportunities. Will need to rely either on gadgets or other players for safety.

Key stat:
INT (+6)

Bioform Abilities:

  • Tiny. (Passive) Start with 5 HP. Heart stones grant 5 HP instead of 10.
  • Nimble. (Passive) Fit into tiny spaces, such air-vents, tunnels, or chutes.

Class Abilities:
ABILITY → IMPROVISED INVENTION (INT SPELL): Combine nearby machinery to create a GADGET. You must provide a description of the GADGET’s function, and it must be of your mass or less. This action requires an INT roll. On success, the gadget functions for 1D6 ROUNDS. GADGET examples include sentry turrets, wall-piercing explosives, and decoy hologram projectors.

MASTER ABILITY → SHRINK RAY (INT SPELL): Reduce one target to 1/10th its size for d2 ROUNDS. The victim’s STATS are reduced to -8 on all rolls. The victim receives double damage and has half its usual armor, but the enemy retains its HP. On use, SHRINK RAY takes 1d4 ROUNDS to recharge.

Starting Loot:

  1. BLASTER: The sturdy, basic sidearm of space. Easily concealed under any armor or clothes. Occupies NO inventory space.
  2. LIL BOB: Twin stick controller and micro camera on a foldable drone. Use this drone’s location as your location for IMPROVISED INVENTION action. LIL BOB has 5 HP.
  3. JAMMER: Hack enemy robots, or the weapons and tools of non-robotic enemies. To hack, overcome enemy HP with your MAGIC EFFORT to take control of them. Enemies roll INT each ROUND to regain control.
  4. JUMP PACK: A miniaturised ion thruster worn a a small backpack. Move twice on your TURN, even when taking an action or making an attack

Ghost Armor Assassin

Role: Stealth, Melee DPS, Massive Damage against Single Target
Expected Behaviour: Sneaking past enemy lines to scout ahead or eliminate key targets. Effective at taking out single opponents, but easily overwhelmed due to FRAGILE FOCUS ability. When dealing with large groups of enemies this player might rely on Tank and Heavy Assault.

Key Stats:
DEX (+3)

Bioform Abilities:

  • NIGHTMODE (DEX Spell) – With a DEX Attempt, go invisible. On touch, attack, or environmental damage make a hard DEX check to remain invisible.

  • FRAGILE FOCUS (Passive) – If you sustain damage from enemies while visible, you cannot enter NIGHTMODE for one TURN. Environmental damage does not activate this debuff. This debuff does not stack.

Class Abilities:

  • ABILITY → LETHAL STRIKE: Attacking enemies while invisble is EASY. Add ULTIMATE damage to WEAPON attack.
  • MASTER ABILITY → ULTRAVIOLENCE (Passive): Add additional ULTIMATE roll to all damage rolls for attacks. Lethal strike is guaranteed to hit.

Starting Loot:

  1. KARAMBIT BLADES: Small talon knives designed for killing. Occupies no inventory space. Easily concealed. If you kill an enemy with the blades, you can attack again.
  2. VENGEANCE RIFLE: A classic, reliable long gun with a high-grade silencer attached. Spend 1 TURN aiming to either hit with no roll or inflict maximum damage on a rolled hit.
  3. BLIP MODULE: A phase-movement augment. When you move, you do not pass through the space between the two locaons.
  4. LINK ARMOR +1 DEFENSE: A light reinforcement to any clothing made from tiny links of nonmetallic ceramic material.