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This may come off as an odd, somewhat off-topic question, so I apologize in advance. I ADORE the ICRPG book’s art style (I’ve also seen some videos of the author drawing sketches like these in real time, which is great). So my question is if anyone knows what the name (if it has a specific one) of that particular art style is. Is this High Contrast? Black and White Ink? Help!

The reason for the question is that I’d love to find some kind of resource so that I can teach myself to draw like that, but it’s been difficult for me to find it because I’m unfamiliar with its name (assuming it has one). Again, sorry if this question is too unrelated to the game itself to take up space here; let me know if so and I’ll make sure I don’t ask anymore. Thanks!


If you watch the art streams he did a while back I believe Hankrin calls it sharpie drawing - as in the marker


Oh great!! I wasn’t aware of the art streams. I’ll try to find them. Thanks!!!


He has a play list


Superb! Greatly appreciated!


If you like that art style you can also check out folks like Mike mignola (illustrator for hell boy among other things), Andrew McLean (maker of headlopper)who uses color along with high contrast inking to great effect, and if you look up the term “noir” you should be able to find a ton of other dope artists with a similar feel to them. I hope this helps!


It most certainly does! Thanks!!

(This is such a great community!)


No apologies needed here! One aspect I have found in the DIY community is ‘no question is off the table.’ The second is ‘someone always knows.’

The art vids are for sure what you want. There is an older one too about drawing on a white board to run a game that is also way good - I don’t think it is grouped in the drawing playlist on the channel.

If you want top down map help, check out 2 minute table top’s stuff on YouTube and the new map maker I shared in my recent post - classic_DM or something… there are also really good ones on the runehammer channel too that will for sure inspire you to change how you think of map making.

Now for part two — > show us what you make!


I think this is a unpopular comment. But I liked the version in the core book better. All it might have needed was more spells. I like the idea of after four times casting a spell in a session you roll a d4 & the many rounds you are without magic. Or that is how I handled it.


Uh… I’m a little lost there @TYMONGER . Was this message meant for a different thread?


Thank you all for this thread!!! Just getting into ICRPG and so in love with this style! I bought a HOW TO draw monsters book awhile back and it’s OK but if Hank had a book, I’d buy it in a heartbeat! Gonna try and learn this style with my pencils and maybe some markers


See if your local library or bookstore has this: or INKED as both deal with this kind of black/shadow heavy style.

(I recommend looking at then in person before purchase of art books can be hit or miss depending on the person and their person style and experience)


thanks! Ill see what I can find!


hey @Axiomaric what a fun question!
The real answer here is that my style has no ‘reserachable’ name. I am self-taught over 35+ years of professional and hobby drawing. the style has a few keys:
1: no constructiuon lines or pencils. in. every stroke stays. just commit
2: wrong things. I dont draw according to classic perspective or proportions. i just let things happen
3: draw it twice, let errors guide line weight. many styles use line weight to show lighting, or depth. i just draw each line twice… where they deviate, fill.

if you’d like, add me as a friend on discord on send a DM… we can do some sessions together



Did my first HANKerin!!! Took only a few minutes… wow I love this stuff! ( its totally distracting me from learning the rules though )


Welcome to the Shield Wall, and your art looks Fantastic!!

As to the esthetician “Hankerin is 100%” no delete, just go with a Sharpie on a peace of card stock.

However the reality is he has increased his skill over time, and edits. But start boldly, learn your techniques, then seek perfection only when needed.

I am still in the not so bold lines, I know I am limiting myself. It would be better if you skipped that step entirely, and from your efforts it seems you should.

As to the “rules” of ICRPG compare and contrast ICRPG with D&D and with Altered State.

@Alex created a prime world while really exploring where the system can go. That contrast really explains things for me.


Wow, it looks great! I think the eyes in particular looks really unique.


Thanks, I appreciate that!