Armor Points/Dice!



You need to check out Ezzerhardens Incomplete Collection Vol. 2

It has a ton, I mean A TON of hacks, collected over the years in Google Plus. It may include what you are asking about and even some you haven’t thought of yet!



Hmm… i should try this, Have read all and i will try these idea of Defense and Armor. I like that the armor is represented as a D6 to reduce damage, sounds simple and fun.

But let me get something straight, each character would start with a base armor of 10 like usual (so they would have 10 D6 dices), and later they can add to that with loot? or the base armor is 0 with this mechanic?

I’m just asking cause having 10 chunks of armor to spend since moment one sounds like a lot


Honestly I think that’s all getting a bit overcomplicated, you’re going to wind up with the rule bloat that ICRPG is designed to get rid of. Rather than having them roll str or dex I would have them roll armor. Normally armor is 10 plus a bonus, remove the 10 and have them roll it. So if they would have an armor of 15 it’s just a +5 to their defense roll you know? Easy peasy. No new mechanics.


With this, base armor is 0. So having 2 chunks of normal armor grants 2 armor dice


that was my first thought! but I’ve been using this rule for a while now and it works wonders, it is in my experience a lot more intuitive than “DnD” armor, specially for newbies. The main appeal for this is to be able to stack piles of armor, removing the normal cap of +10 and adding a “feeling” of absortion rather than deflection.

Still, armor as a bonus to defence also works perfectly!