Armor Points/Dice!



With this, base armor is 0. So having 2 chunks of normal armor grants 2 armor dice


that was my first thought! but I’ve been using this rule for a while now and it works wonders, it is in my experience a lot more intuitive than “DnD” armor, specially for newbies. The main appeal for this is to be able to stack piles of armor, removing the normal cap of +10 and adding a “feeling” of absortion rather than deflection.

Still, armor as a bonus to defence also works perfectly!


I have this dumb homebrew im experimenting with, in which when you roll for Attack, you roll your D20 + DWeapon + MOD (i have broad weapon categories with D4Light, D6/D8Medium, D10THICC) and then how much you went over the enemy’s Armor/Defense is how much damage you dealt, its probably awfully realized since luck is such a huge part in the statistic but haven’t run intro trouble yet…guessing is just because we dont do combat that much, but is the solution i found since i wanted to incorporate stats in combat instead of effort die, balance the fact that d4 weapons attack twice since the smaller dice mean you have less of a chance to hit each roll, and made it so heavy armor characters not only are hit less but hit for less which is probably broken? wouldn’t know


Try Ezzerharden’s Optional Rules … hundreds of hacks from years of gameplay and forum archives. It includes the monster manual, books of Yoga vol 1 & 2, torton book of war, and lots more…!AkP1l1xZjKC2j-oudnEQMNNyQ0uqFQ?e=o3TrIS


You might want to take a look at Frostgrave, which is a fast and simple miniature skirmish wargame that plays with just a d20. For combat both opponents roll a d20+mods and the one higher not only hits, but also deals damage equal to the difference between both rolls.


I’ve used some Ezz’s rules a lot indeed! Like everyone of us tho, I did things my way in my games and slowly progressed into “House-Rules, the game” ending up with a plethora of small (and big) changes.



I’ve been using this A LOT since I posted the first time , and I’m now having great success experimenting with replacing the use of d6s for armor reduction in favor of using a stat like STR/CON (Physique in my own games).

How: You absorb damage equal to your STR for each Armor Point spent.

Example: Oh crap I got hit for 6 damage! I spend 2 Armor points and soak 4 damage since I have +2 STR.

Why: This allows “physical” types of characters to make better use of armor more realistically (which really appeals me and my players as HEMA enthusiasts), and makes it more of a tactical “measurable” choice when hit in combat.



I like it! Tough two of my players got 6+ on their STR now :scream: