Fellow Lumpies,

I just released ARMOR CARDS on drivethru for free.

Personally, I don’t like asking players their armors each and every single time. I’d like to kill them without any interruptions please. :laughing:

To that end, I designed these cards. Print them, cut them and use them at your table to bring efficiency to your TPKs!

The cards are numbered from 7 to 30 because I wanted to make these as generic as possible so the poor D&D and Pathfinder guys can use these too.

As always, I included blank cards for your different needs like AD&D or similar. If there is such a request, I can add more numbers (like negative ones for AD&D) any time.

As always, have fun!

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These are cool man. The only thing I was going to ask for is a way to track temporary AC’s like when a spell gives +2 armor to NEAR allies, but I think an easy solution is to just add “counters” like dice, marbles, or chips on top of the card. So I could just look at it and think, ok your AC is 16 but there are 2 counters on it so it’s 18 at the moment. Unless you see an easier solution, but I think that would work nicely.


Thanks man!

Putting a die as a counter or putting chips in front of the card is a fine solution. Maybe a better solution might be replacing the card altogether with the adjusted value like +2 on 14 ARMOR becoming 16 ARMOR and putting a timer die in front of it?

Otherwise you’d have to put the bonuses/penalties as separate smaller cards or something like that. I can make them as tents with + and - numbers on them like I did with

This certainly requires feedback from the community. If fellow lumpies demand it or something similar, they shall have it.


Yeah I think personally I’m good with the way they are. I plan on laying them flat anyways so I’ll either do the chips or just lay a different card over the top of it for temporary effects. If i see two cards stacked, I will know that the top card is temp.


Laying them flat solves that problem indeed. I was thinking about solutions for when the cards are upright.


I’ve been writing AC on index cards. Like these better. Thank you.


Thank you Khan, these will be great for my table game.


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