Archetypes & Paths Preview


Hey friends! I’ve been working tirelessly (…tiringly?) on designing some neat classes/paths for use with ICRPG. It is intended to replace the current class/loot system for groups that want to use the ICRPG CORE mechanics but have a more traditional class/character progression. Here is a preview of that, showcasing some very early concepts for the Guardian, a Warrior Path/subclass. Feedback welcome. :slight_smile:

[It’s important to note that the role of LOOT is changed to feel more like magic items in D&D than character defining things as in CORE]

Warrior: Masters of Combat, Strength and Leadership

Resources: Combat Insight/Rage/Fervor

Roles: Tank, Damage

Paths: Guardian, Slayer, Champion

Guardians seek to protect their allies from harm, occupy their foes’ attention, and maintain a stalwart presence on the battlefield. They typically wear heavy armor, use shields, and have a strong understanding of combat tactics.

Combat Insight: Guardians use Combat Insight as their resource die (d6). Increment this die once per round of combat at the start of the Guardian’s turn. Guardians can spend their Combat Insight to reduce the damage they, or an ally CLOSE to them takes from a physical attack.

“FORM UP!”: They can also spend a full Combat Insight die (value of 6) to increase the Armor of all allies within NEAR range by 6 for one round. They can use “Form Up!” once per battle unless they spend a Hero Coin.

Guardians can choose from the following when given a milestone reward.


  • Thick Skin: When you are above half health, you gain +1 Armor

  • Shield Master: You deal d6 damage with shields if used to bash or slam.

  • Vanguard: If you head the charge into battle, you and your allies can move an additional half FAR movement.


  • Armored Attack: Once per round, if you are hit in melee, immediately make an attack that deals Weapon Effort damage if it hits.

  • Thick of Battle: If you are surrounded by 2 or more enemies, take 2 less damage per physical hit you receive.

  • Phalanx Strength: The first time your "Form Up!" prevents an attack from landing on an ally, that ally gains +5 damage on their next hit.


  • Defy Pain: Completely ignore the first physical hit that would reduce you to 0 health in a given day. Heal d6 points.

  • Veteran Insight: Your Combat Insight die is upgraded to a d8. You can use “Form Up!” as soon as you reach a value of 6 or higher, and grant increased Armor if you activate this ability when at value 7 or 8 on the die.

  • Veteran’s Resolve: You can never take more than half your total health in physical damage from a single attack. Any physical damage from a single hit beyond half your total health is ignored. Some forms of damage, including falling and siege weapon damage, are not affected by this trait.


Looks fabulous! Great work, I look forward to seeing what you have in store for other paths and archetypes!


Thanks a lot! <3 This has been a fun project so far, slow going with college though! :slight_smile:


I love this. Very cool mechanic with Combat Insight and FORM UP! There’s an incentive to let it ride all the way to six, but that may mean allies take more damage in the meantime.

Does Combat Insight start at 1? Or do you roll it?

What does it take to get higher tier milestones?


Will all your classes have a “resource die?” Slayer’s adds to damage, Champion adds to STR or CHA, something like that?


All resource die start at 1 and tick up at certain moments (such as the start of your turn, hitting an enemy, or healing your allies). Hopefully, all of the resource dice provide unique and fun ways to interact with scenes while not adding too much complexity.

And yes, all Paths have a unique resource die! Champions are currently drafted similarly to COMMANDER in CORE. They are battlefield leaders, using different Commands and Tactics to control the flow of combat. Their resource die is Fervor.

As you’d imagine, I haven’t tested the balance of any of these yet. I’m just drafting with the assumption that people who play ICRPG know what they do and don’t like, and the system is easy to work with. I currently have 7 archetypes (classes) with 3 paths (subclasses) each to work on. This won’t be done for quite sometime but I’m loving it. ^.^


Sorry, missed the question about higher tier milestones! My hope is that every group will know when it’s the right time to award/earn a milestone. That said, I do plan on writing up some suggested moments (which haven’t been drafted yet). I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, and the short answer for right now is: I have no idea, wing it!

On that note, college classes in the morning… Thanks a ton for the feedback, I hope to see some more cool comments tomorrow from other awesome people! :zzz:


oh man where’s that duranium signet? STUBBORN is epic with that thing


I’m really interested in this. I have a difficult time with Loot as it stands in Core, so a more traditional approach like this is right up my alley.


Runehammer, that’s what is so exciting to me about this endeavor. My goal is to make these milestones modular such that groups can pick and choose whether they want CORE milestones, WORLDS milestones, or milestones from this project. :smiley:

And I’m glad to hear that Zim, hopefully this ends up being useful and intriguing to many groups. Four day weekend off of college, so my brain is a whirlin’… !