Anyone Run Star Wars Using ICRPG?


My son has expressed interest in running a Star Wars game. I’m trying to find a setting I saw for it but I’m not finding it. Rather than start a new thread I thought I’d ask here. So some one a while ago posted a Star Wars based setting. I remember it had bio forms and Jawas was part of it. I don’t think it was @BigGrump’s Star Wars hack, although that one has great info. This one had something I hadn’t seen before. It had bioform motivations. I remember something about Jawa’s being tech junkies and having the need to look for a very specific part. Does any one remember seeing that?


That was me. I have tweaked it a few times. The last one was intended to be an Xmas project for the community but there did not seem to be much interest.

The latest version used stories for both the race and class selection process to allow the players to better form the adventures they went on:


Or at least I think it was me. My version of Jawas is they want to build their own death star and are scavenging for parts to build it :slight_smile:


Perfect. This is exactly what I remember. I must have clicked on a link to an older file. Yeah, the story idea behind each bioform is very cool. I like that it gives players a quick and easy back ground motivations that can be integrated into the game. I think it would be really fun to throw in a hook to a players story in the middle of another quest just to see what they do.

I’ve always been a fantasy sort of person. So I think when I initially saw it I liked what I saw but it went back to fantasy stuff. Since my son has a big interest in Star Wars I’m going to give this a try. Thanks for sharing it again. :smiley:


Yep – also they have free adventures on the fantasy flight website for star wars. They are easy to convert. The starter box set adventures are way good too and worth the money. The sets come with character tokens for table play. You do have to do some conversion work.

My kids tried it both ways; Fantasy Flight Games version and my ICRPG hack. They preferred the ICRPG version but loved the stories from each starter box.

Under player resources – > under the black son adventure and long arm of the hutt. Long arm of the hutt is a follow-up to the edge of the empire starter box adventure.


Been thinking about running clone wars in the near future since i have a good collection of clones and droids now from SW Legion.