Anyone Run Star Wars Using ICRPG?


I’ve been asked to run a game set in the Star Wars milieu, and I was thinking I might try to run it using ICRPG. Any of you ever done this? I’ve read the books Hank wrote, but I’ve never yet actually run it. The thrust of the game will be smugglers and mercenary types, like a Han and Chewwie style story (think of the old Brian Daley Han Solo novels). Force users won’t really be in the scope of this game… more like Firefly than Jedi Academy.

I’m curious how I should stat out Star Wars gear and ships. I can probably just wing it if need be, but any advice from anyone more seasoned in ICRPG would be appreciated.


I’ve been in or ran a game of ICRPG using both Robotech and Starblazers settings. I believe it could easily work with a Star Wars sysytem using Warp Shell and a little reskining!

In fact @TYMONGER was just recently bringing up a prospect of running a Mandalorian adventure now that the show is top of mind.


Curse you Disney and your free trial of Disney +! Watched the first 2 episodes of Mandolorian and, just WOW! Gotta cut out 7 sodas a month now…


If you have Vigilante City, turn to page 43 for “Monstro”. Build your ship using this concept:

What are the primary systems? Each system has a “Chunk” with a heart (ie. ion cannon is 1 Chunk with 1 Heart). The ship is also like an exoskeleton of the Pilot(s) and Gunner(s). The ship will have stats like a character which can then be modified by the character’s relevant stat. Example: An X-Wing may have DEX +3 and Luke has a DEX +3 so the total DEX is +6. To represent scale, add Hearts to Chunks. A Speeder Bike may have 1/2 hearts for each Chunk (5 hit points) but an X-Wing may have 1 Heart, Millennium Falcon has 1.5 Hearts, etc.


Interesting. Sadly, when I tried to download VC something seems to have gone sideways and it never downloaded. May have to try that again.


I have, and currently am running a full campaign. Re-skin Warp Shell loot tables, bioforms, and classes, and you’re good to go; everything else can be played rules as written (if you ever need to incorporate The Force, re-skin Vigilante City powers). My players enjoyed it enough to request a full campaign (it was originally a one shot). As for ships, I couldn’t help much there, because they haven’t been a thing yet in my game (I’ll be looking at this space along with you for that!).


You could also look into a few YouTube videos about the Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight games? They have an Edge of the Empire supplement focused on smuggling and such.

Get some inspiration from there and then convert it or recreate what you need to ICRPG.


Thanks for the recommendation. I did try Edge of the Empire when it first came out, but I didn’t care for how FFG executed their narrative dice idea. I’m not saying I don’t like the concept of narrative dice per say, just didn’t like their take on it as such. So I haven’t really followed that material. However, I do have a fairly robust library of old WEG D6 Star Wars books, so I’m not lacking thematic material to draw from. I’m really just curious to run ICRPG and how best to approach that Galaxy Far, Far Away using it…


Agreed on the FFG RPG Mechanics. I’m not a fan, too long and too vague to interpret the roll results. I’m here for ICRPG in part for its fast moving play.

But I do think their SW supplements could be good for an adventure outline if you don’t want to start from scratch.


Entirely agree. The mechanics are definitely not for me but I have really enjoyed their source material and their thematic thought process.


WEG D6 Star Wars was and is amazing. Love that game. I’ve got nothing else to add, just wanted to throw my hat in on the WEG love.
With those books you should be good to go for any reskin you need into ICRPG. :+1:


I seem to recall seeing a bit of work being done on a star wars skin back in the G+ days… I’ll have to fire up my old PC to see if I bothered to grab a copy of what was shared.

I don’t think it was very in depth, mainly just vehicles and perhaps races. I can’t really recall


Ah yes… here we go. Apologies to the originators. I can’t recall who made the bioforms, but the “Worlds Hack” looks to be attributed to -Renigade16(Ken)

Bioforms -

Worlds Hack -

A good jumping off point for you maybe?


I ran a star wars one shot awhile back and my players had a blast. I ran pregen characters and at the end the players were asking for more.

We had the droid hack an ATST walker, Bobba Fett tangled in a crane claw and flying around a ship hanger trying to shake it off (was hilarious) and the wookie player couldn’t speak “common” and only one other player could understand them.

Heres what I ran


Thanks! I’ll certainly peruse this stuff. At first glance, there seems to be some good stuff in there!


I’ll be reading this too. Thanks for posting it!


Heres a star wars one shot concept I had awhile back maybe you might like.

Takes place at the end of Episode III revenge of the sith

Your a squad of clone troppers lead by a Jedi knight fighting off the enemy droid army on some far off planet.

During a fight with the droids an EMP goes off and hits the player clone troopers knocking of communication to home base.

Order 66 is given and all the clone troopers turn on their jedi leaders…except your team who didn’t get the command.

your mission is to safely evacuate your jedi while fighting off both the enemy droids and the traitor clone troopers (who just gunned down their own jedi knights)

Game on!


I was thinking the same thing. about using warp shell. I have been working on writing up Storm troopers as monsters. I also like the idea of it being in the setting of Edge of the Empire. But much Jedi, just a lot of Scum & Villainy. Maybe ex clone troopers trying to hide out. Or a crew of smugglers trying to make a living, & a difference. Or a group of people over there head trying to stay alive.


I like the Genesys (the newer version of what star wars uses) a lot better but once your get your head around how more of a real answer you get with Narrative dice. I really liked it a lot better then anything I have found. Once your realize that binary answers does not give the full answer you really want. Think of all the movies & books you have read or seen or heard. As you go over all these movies you see the answer is not just a yes or a no but a yes and or no but answer. As a example "Luke shoot the controls to lock out the troops from getting them from behind. (Success!!! but) he also lock himself out of the controls to extend the bridge, and the troopers are slowly opening the door back up. that is a prime example of Success with Threat, he succeeded but doom is close on the heals. Unless you do something. So what is more interesting? The target is 13, you rolled a 15, great you shot him. yea ZZZZzzzzzzz Or you have left over with your roll a Failure & three Advantage. What do you want to happen. I missed him but my bullet bounces around hitting the control button to lock out his goons from coming to help him. So now it is just him & us for a few rounds.


So, I have an idea for the first session of this campaign.

The era is sometime between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. The PCs start out as prisoners in an Imperial labor camp. Each player is encouraged to tell me why he’s in the pokey…maybe seeds for future sessions could come from their backstories.

First “room”
The party is being driven from the barracks to the worksite in an old retired turbotank (just like how we were introduced to the Felicity Jones character in Rogue One). Suddenly, the turbotank drops and crashes to a halt! The stormtrooper guards lead the manacled prisoners out of the vehicle to stand around while the driver figures out if it’s safe for everyone to get back on. It seems that the ground has collapsed under the turbotank and the vehicle is trapped. Right away, there’s a terrible sound from underground as a gigantic worm monster erupts through the soil near the crashed vehicle! It immediately swallows one of the stormtrooper guards and the other begins firing at it. The players are not only unarmed, but are cuffed! The surviving stormtrooper guard has the key to the manacles, but he’s busy with the creature. Being shot at only makes the monster angry and it ducks back underground for a round, but she’s not alone; her eggs have recently hatched and the little wormies are hungry! 1d6 Wormies crawl out of the hole their mother just vacated every round. After staying underground for a turn, the mother worm erupts from the ground in another location, leaving the first hole for her brood to crawl out, and she’ll attempt to do this one more time so there will be eventually two holes in the ground each spawning 1d6 Wormies every round. I expect the players will try to get the stormtrooper’s key. The trooper is trying to fight off the local fauna, but he’s not going to willingly give the PC’s the key. If they decide to cower in the turbotank, they will be overrun with Wormies, however, there is a medkit in the turbotank if anyone get too hurt.

I could use some help on the stats for these creatures. I’m seeing the baby Wormies only having a single point of health each and dealing just 1d4 damage per hit. But the mother worm should be pretty hearty. My hope is that she is more likely to be escaped than killed. 4 hearts health? 5 maybe? Maybe she has +3 Stats and deals 1d6 per bite. Room DC 12. Unarmed PCs are not likely to beat the Mother Worm so they’ll likely need to just run off.

Second “room”
I could use some inspiration from my Shieldwall Brethren here. My idea is basically just that there is some sort of supply depot here where the PCs can gear up, though what the obstacle is, I’m not too sure. Perhaps it’s guarded by just a lone officer and some droids who could easily sound an alarm if the PC’s are found out? Could be a good place for a timer… a platoon of stormtroopers arrive 1d4 rounds after the officer hits the big red button? Maybe the PCs can bluff their way close enough to prevent the officer from sounding the alarm? Did they manage to get the stormtroopers blaster from the last room? Are they still manacled?

Third “room”
I know that for this last scene I want there to be a space ship ready to be stolen. However, that’s about all I have thought of yet. I’m not sure i want another monster fight, or another chance to bluff a guy. I’m trying to think of a great obstacle for the third section that sets it apart from the other two but I’m having trouble thinking up anything really memorable, so I’m open to suggestions.

Assuming they do steal the ship and get in the air, there will be a brief chase by some TIE fighters before they are able to jump to light speed and we call it a night. At least that’s the intention.

We play Saturday! The group will be one of my friends who I’ve been playing with since the mid 1990s, his 14 year old son (who’s a good player too) and my own 10 year old boy, who’s only ever played a role-playing game once before. So it should be great fun even if I do gum up the ICRPG works.

Any game mechanic suggestions you folks have would be appreciated, as well as any ideas for my second and third encounters.