Any Treasure Seekers Looking for Lost Plunder?



Dive below the waves in search of wonder in this beginner-friendly ICRPG one shot! I’m looking for any players, seasoned or new, that want to seek out some lost treasure beneath the Emerald Sea!

You’ve charted a small sloop, The Blue Spirit, to set out from Norburg and carry your party a few miles off the coast to an area described in Duke Olivia’s Book of Forgotten Places. The book describes an underwater cave that was rumored to be a hideout and treasure hold of pirates long ago. The only question is whether or not you can claim the treasure for yourselves!

I’m planning on running this game using the Runehammer VTT and Discord for voice. If all players are on the Runehammer Server, we’ll just use that, or I’ll set up a temporary one otherwise. Let me know if you’re interested and can’t wait to set sail with you!


I’m totally down to hunt for some treasure!


Excellent! I’ve got a seat set aside for you and hopefully we can fill your pockets with good and loot :smile:


I would love to join in on this adventure, count me in!


Yes! count me in, if you are looking for more players.


Absolutely! With you and rpgerminator, that brings us up to three! We’re almost ready to set sail :ship:


We’ve still got space for one intrepid sailor to join this hearty crew. To give you a taste of what fun we’ll be having, here’s one of the splash pages:


Oooooo! Looking good, I can’t wait!


yo Kane! I’d be down to join if you’ve still got an open spot.


Of course! Welcome aboard. Sending you the details now.


This looks like so much fun. I would have signed up for this scenario in a heartbeat if I weren’t already committed this evening. Kane, I really hope I get to play one of your adventures some day. :+1:


@KaneDriscol Thanks again for running the game last night, I had a great time!

Hats off to:

“Poppy” Tuga - The energy sword yielding, aquatic Jedi, new dad who found a good place for his people.

Fallon the Singer of Kings - The inspiring sea swashbuckler and master of fibs who looked good even underwater.

Troken the Surly - The arthritic, time-traveling, salty dog hunter with true grit.

As a side note Meekins was finally able to cast his create device spell (after several attempts and an unexpected explosion) and was able to create a nice barista set. Troken was finally able to have his cup of joe every morning while looking out over the Emerald Sea. Less grumpy dwarf, happy life.