Any obsidian system users here?


I’ve been playing around with obsidian (Notion/onenote alternative) for the past days and it’s a really useful tool for rpgs. There are a ton of community plugins and a large sub-community that focuses on rpg plugin development. Ianyhiw, I’ve been playing around with the statblock plug-in and I built a template for inputting ICRPG monsters. Here is my Agnar:

I was wondering if anyone else has been using obsidian for icrpg, and also to get some feedback on this design. Any input is appreciated!
P.s credit to @chrisbynum for his Agnar pic!


Looks good, does it port to notion or is it only Obsidian I’d probably drop the middle section before the actions unless needed


I’m not sure if it would convert to notion or not…I’m sure there is a way to export it to straight markdown but I’m really (really) new to using obsidian and markdown. It’s also built using a plugin, so I think there is some magic happening behind the text.

As far as the middle section, the actual template is set up so that if those sections are blank, those titles won’t show up. Here’s an updated picture with those sections left blank.


thanks i was just curious


I’ve been an Obsidian user for a while, but only recently started using the various plugins to make it super useful for gaming.

Check out Phil’s inline-scripts tutorial for card drawing! Works great with the Think Deck and the core ICRPG cards.

I’ve also been working on the Maze Rats roll tables for Obsidian. It’s a work in progress, and leverages the dice-roller plugin.


… I haven’t even played with the dice roller yet. I’ll have to give it a shot. I grabbed your code from git hub to play with it.


I haven’t done anything to make it ICRPG specific, but I use the canvas heavily to make mind maps, murder boards and single view play spaces.


I use Obsidian for all my notes, this is a big improvement on my current format, look forward to seeing the final design.


Alright, I just finished this up. This is the template that I think I’ve settled on, it’s somewhat based off of @KaneDriscol monster sheet he posted a while back in that I’ve included a few extra “triggered actions”.

Let me know what you think. Pretty much everything on here is conditionally placed, so if there is no text for the plugin to read for a particular field, the field will not appear. I’ll get back on here in a bit and post a few examples of monsters.

I’d like to format it to be more horizontal in presentation but I’m not sure how to do it yet.



I’ve reworked the template a bit, redid the modifiers section because using the table to where all the boxes had to be filled in for things to show up right. Here is a version of @KaneDriscol Shriek monster he posted recently here

Here is a screenshot of the “blank” template

Updated Agnar



This isn’t ICRPG related, but might be interesting regarding Obsidian. Nicole van der Hoeven is an Obsidian evangelist and posted a stream on YouTube where she discusses using it for TTRPG prep with Mike Shea Sly Flourish who is a Notion user.

I can’t post a link, but if you search their names you’ll find the video. Then she’s got titles for the various topics they covered, so should be easy for you to decide if you’re interested.


Looks very nice indeed. I’d like to try the template, have you posted it somewhere?


I have not posted it. I discovered that the android version of the plugin will not export the layouts yet, once I figure that part out on my PC, I’ll figure out a way to share both thr layout and the template for the note. Shouldn’t take too long though, I’ll update when I get it nailed down.



Never shared anything from Google drive before, so I’m not sure if this will work. Give it a try and let me know.


@skippy I’ve got a question for you about the card drawing, do you know of a way to append text to the cards drawn?
I’m looking at building a tarot deck and it would be cool to attach text to the image when it’s drawn.

Also, your maze rats tables were awesome to play with so I could learn the syntax for the dice roller, I’ve built out the Loot tables from master edition and will be working on the monster tables pretty soon. I built them as lists for now, but I may convert them over to tables in the future.



I don’t know how to add text to the drawn cards. Sorry.