Any ideas for these doomy questions?


Hey all!

I’m running a spooky Edgar Allen Poe one-shot on Saturday (‘Masque of the Worms’ from the Arcane Library).

I want to give out some questions to forge some quick bonds between the group. Here’s what I have so far:

“Which member of the team knows a terrible thing you did in the past?”

Which member of the team has repeatedly saved your life?"

“Which member of the team is secretly teaching you dark magic?”

“Which member of the team once tried to kill you?”

Just need a few more good ones. They don’t all have to be doomy, just keeping to the tone. Any ideas?


If one of the team told you they were drowning, you would not lend a hand. Which one?


You have a secret, unrequited love for a team member. You think they don’t know.
You have a secret, requited love for the spouse/partner of a team member. You hope they don’t know.


Whose thought processes make the least sense to you? Which team member do you utterly not understand?

Who is keeping the worst secret from the group, whether you know what that is or not?


Thanks for the thoughts guys! I should say I’d like questions that will encourage bonds between the players, rather than sew rifts. If that makes sense.

  • To which member of the team have you pledged a bond of protection? Why?
  • Which member of the team do you most look up to? Why?
  • Which member of the team makes you feel safest?
  • Which member of the team has your back?

  • Which team member inducted you into the cult?
  • Which member of the team helped you bust out of prison?
  • Who helped you hide the body when you murdered your abusive step-parent?
  • Which team member was shackled beside you on the chain gang?
  • Which member of the team have you sworn a blood oath with?
  • You are the secret bastard child of which team members father?
  • Which team member did you duel over a love interest that later spurned you both?


Ooooo awesome, I’m so glad you’re running that one! :blush: Cool idea for forging character bonds!


What member of the team are you protective of? To that member, why are they protective of you?

What team member helped you in your darkest moment? To that team member, what was the nature of the help you gave?

What team member where you wrong in disliking when you first met? To that player, what virtue of yours turned them to see you where not who they thought you where?

When all is lost, and dying well is the best option, what team member will you look towards to guide you through the gates of Hell? To that player, what actions have you done, that others look at your actions when hope seems lost?

My questions are getting more complex…but this mutual collaboration works to avoid “the loaner” character type when all players are mature enough to enjoy the game…does not work if a player or two are interested in how cool their character is above all else.


I really like those ones! Would love to do deep, multi- part questions like that when I’m starting a larger campaign.


It went really well!

Only thing is I forgot that the tunnel at the end is blocked up, and now they want to explore it :sweat_smile:


Thank you! I used the ‘bust out of prison’ one :grin:


It was originally unblocked as a future adventure hook in the first draft, but I blocked it up for the livestream group that was going to use it because it would have been too much of a red herring for the 3-hour timeframe they had. So you should absolutely use that tunnel for more adventuring if you want! :smiley: