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Hi All,
I want to run an Blood and Snow adventure and was wondering where I could find Stats for different Animals. there are very few in B&S and also in the core book there are not a lot. I guess someone has runn into the same problem as myself so I thought id ask if there is a Animal/ monster repository where to get some sats to start?
thanks for the help


Well, not to be a bubble buster but ICRPG is very heavy on the DIY side. So, it’s kind of expected that you’ll be doing those stats yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

My recomendation is that you use the Dungeon World codex or a 5e srd/compendium (if that’s more your jam) for inspiration.

EDIT: There might also be some GMs here in the forums with stats already made for them or at least design ideas. @Alex do you? haha


Haha. I don’t. I just pull them from one of the competitor’s monster manuals, round the hit points into hearts, and then add a to-hit and damage bonus equal to the average of the players’ armor bonus. Then, I just wing all the monster’s special abilities/attacks. I keep it super simple.


I just googled the animals and made up the rest so it felt about right compared with what’s in the game already. Not too crazy as B and S is tough enough with a few bad rolls.


Yep. Google is also a great resource.


Cool thanks everyone for the advice.

Just asking would it be of interest if we create a comunity based archive with collection of Animals /Monsters?

cheers draugster


Make the post and do it up! :smiley: