Andon Pagoda: a half-sheet one-shot adventure is up!



We did it! Round two. Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks y’all!


Diggin that art on the cover :+1:t3:


Thank you! We try to keep a pulpy-comic style.


Funny enough, i came across your book the other day while just casually surfing DTRPG. And bought it. Artwork is awesome, and the story line from what I’ve read so far seems soild, and its a nice lay out.

now, all of that has been said with some casual reading and “flipping” though the book. The deeper dive willbe this weekend. but it will be used on my players at some point soon.

Thank you


Just last week i ran Crypt of Anubis as a second session with total begginers and they loved it, so this will be great next week, i’ll report here then.


I’m glad you liked the first one! Definitely check back in to let us know how this new one works for you.


Thank you for checking us out!

Our style is very hands-off from a story perspective. You’ll find we’ve created interesting room encounters with a general story, but a lot is left to be filled by the GM and the players. Keeps with the ICRPG spirit and allows for maximum flexibility for any table.