Ancient Crypts & Creatures, an ICRPG Add-On


Not much new really, just layout and the added adventure. But a setting/ campaign guide is in the works so I can write all future adventures based in it.


Thanks for the combined update. I hope to get it for my Birthday in a couple of weeks.


I just want to take a second to thank everyone that supported this project, whether by downloading it, telling friends or playing it, it’s had almost 2,000 downloads so far.


If it’s any interest, I’m working on an alchemist and sorcerer classes as add-ons for my upcoming game.


I’m currently working on something a bit different but in the same vein. no sorcerer or alchemist but it has some new classes. feel free to share anything you come up with in here though.


This is what I have for the Alchemist so far

I want to make a class that uses Language in a way to create magical effects (sort of a bard/wizard) that persuades stuff to happen. It seems kinda like a wizard as well but I dont know


I’m working on a deluxe edition (187 pages, full color interior) with some expanded rules, tags etc. This will be pdf and hardcover print. It will be released alongside a companion volume (a setting guide with new monsters, races and classes). Mid-August.

The original free edition above will be replaced with a QuickStart version (same material as it is now just a different format).


Woah. That looks rad, I look forward to the release!


@Looten Shoot me a DM and I’ll send you a pre-release mostly edited pdf.


Wow! Really love the old school feel and artwork…I’m lost for words! It’s just really cool!!!



Ok fine… I’ll buy this one too


That looks superb brother!


Thank you sir! I’ll send you a pre-release pdf when I get it all finished up.


For anyone that would like to play AC&C or run online AC&C games there’s a discord server at

Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Foundry etc. feel free to join in for weekly games and one shots.