Ancient Crypts & Creatures, an ICRPG Add-On


This is incredible! Not only do you do this for free, but the free Fantasy Grounds module too! Honestly, I would have paid $20 for each if it gave me an easy way to run Castle Xyntillan in ICRPG. Do you have a Patreon or anything? You’re my quarantine hero! Now off to pull the trigger on the hard copies of whatever Exalted Funeral still has in stock.


Thank you, no Patreon or anything, just wanted to share it.

I do some development work for Fantasy Grounds (mostly on the Barbarians of Lemuria ruleset modules). So it didn’t take me long to throw together…

Let me know what you think when you have a chance to check it out (you will need to add monster tokens, most just have one of the standard letter tokens).


Well you have my gratitude, if nothing else! Let me put something together and try to get a few one-shots under my belt and I’ll send some feedback.


I’ll be adding some more Fantasy Grounds .mods one for the adventure that’s in the Rulebook and another for the Beneath the Remains adventure…

My group playtested this quite a bit in FG, even ran Keep on the Borderlands with it.


So tell me how you’d run the A Blaze in the Northern Sky in Fantasy Grounds? Would you keep the dungeon all “theater of the mind” and have the players map it out, or would you give them the map with some of that sweet, sweet Unity line-of-site.


I would use the line of sight now, but I did run it in classic and I used the Mask and just opened it room by room as they went.


Let me know what you come up with for this Looten… I know my players mix certain spell combos back to back (like telekinesis to hold a creature followed by fire).


Will do! And those are exactly the types combo’s I’m looking for


I usually give monsters similar spells to what they traditionally have. For instance a sea serpent controls weather so I would throw in a weather spell and have hail fall hitting all creatures in a near for d8 damage.

However I like this idea of spell combos. Looking at the list here’s some ideas.

Tree Blight - Entangle, illusion and sleep.

Sorcerer of any enemy race - Bolt and Blast are a good go to for an offensive wizard. Or go defensive and give the enemies a protection sorcerer with protect and heal which would give the other enemies extra hit points and healing, back that up with hide and you have a hidden buffing sorcerer that must be found and eliminated to overcome the regular enemies. Might be a fun encounter.

Witches - Theres a lot of options for witches. Casting curses with enhancement (making targets next attempt hard) would be fun, backed up telekinesis and trigger traps on players that now have hard saving throws. Enchanting enemy skeletons, and then casting sleep or bolt on the players.
Illusion and telekinesis to make the players fight an imaginary enemy wielding a very real weapon could be cool. Their attacks would have no effect but the damage from the illusion would be very real. Mix that scenario with enchant on the weapon and make it deal some real damage.

A Displacer Beast with illusion and hide would fit that creature well. Keep the players guessing as to where the real displacer beast is.


These are all great, I really enjoy them and seem to fit very thematically


Well holy shit that’s amazing!


Thanks to hawkwind the Fantasy Grounds downloads now include the adventure “A Blaze in the Northern Sky”… you can download them here…


Wow!!! This is well done, great choice of Art!!! Well done on the mechanics and even the leveling!

someone can Run Barrow Maze with this, or Keep on the Boarderlands and feel at home!


Thank you Paxx, it’s very much intended to use it to run any old or OSR modules for sure. I’ve ran Keep, Village of Hommlet, etc with it.


If anybody is interested in dipping a toe into all this ac&c / fantasy grounds goodness:


Sent out what will hopefully be the last update for AC&C until ICRPG 3E today. Added the Beneath the Remains adventure to take it over 100 pages so amazon printings have the on-spine title. And the page background was changed for easier at home printing.


Just got it printed on Lulu. They have a 50% off coupon today.


GAH! I literally JUST received this from Amazon lol


Oh man :frowning:

That was the main reason I didn’t want to update it.

Nothing changed though just an added adventure.


I got the update printed out today, I can’t wait to dig through the new stuff