Ancient Crypts & Creatures, an ICRPG Add-On


Also available in print on Amazon,


Ordered my copy from Amazon. It will be here Sunday. Thanks for all the hard work.


I added a little 32 page players booklet to this, just in case anyone wanted to print little booklets for their players.

It’s pretty much the regular book minus the monsters and gms section.


Just ordered my copy from Amazon. Welcome to the shelf. :slightly_smiling_face:

And thanks again.


This is amazing, thank you! Loads of useful things here!


Freshly arrived from Lulu! The book looks great!

Nice choice of paper stock, btw. It feels heavyweight compared to some other books I’ve ordered from Lulu in the past. It lends a very professional feel to the final product.

Again, this is a great Old-school/ICRPG mashup. Thanks for making your work available to us all. I’m looking forward to any other projects you might share with us.


Thank you, I had it printed on the heavier color paper hoping it would hold up a bit better. They are selling for as close to ‘at cost’ as I could get them and still end in .99.

If anyone is interested in a hardcover I could probably get one on there if it doesn’t look like the cost would be crazy high.


I also got mine from Amazon. Looks and feels great. Thanks again for the free content but I do like having it in a book for reference. @DSMyers


I’ve already received my paperback. I love it. But as odd as it might sound, I’d buy the hardback also if there was text on the spine. The paperback disappears on my shelf. It makes Age of Snakes appear to be larger than it really is :joy:


That’s amazing. I love the classic old school D&D style artwork. Looks like a great system. Take a hero coin! :herocoin:


It was 20 pages to short to get writing on the spine. I debated adding blank pages to the back and/or adding optional rules or another adventure but I didn’t want anyone that already purchased to feel like they should of waited to buy.

Maybe down the line an updated hardcover?

I’ve been keeping track of everyone’s rules recommendations from their playing it.


I honestly really like the cover and the subtle differences between it and the players cover. The kids seem pretty eager to play this way and,even though I’ve had to adjust some things for ease of understanding on their end, the rules seem tight. I know I’ve said it before but this is a very fun addition and has done really well with hitting a certain “feel”. I dig it.


Thank you, I grew up on the basic/expert Mentzer boxsets in the 80s. This was kind of a love letter to that.
I’ve ran quite a few classics (keep on the borderlands, hommlet, etc) with it along with a lot of newer OSR modules (running Gavin Norman’s fantastic little ‘Hole in the Oak’ today in Fantasy Grounds actually).
I haven’t found too many things I would change if I could go back and redo it. Maybe a section on class specific loot to replace random loot at certain levels? And I changed the Turn Undead spell to allow Clerics to keep undead turned until they lose concentration (have to stay still, holding a holy symbol and roll WIS vs TN).


If you are looking to add pages I think class specific loot tables would be good. Maybe roll it on a level up or if they go to a class specific guild or shop (thieves guild,fighters league,holy cathedral,mages book shop-stuff like that). I don’t think it would have to be more than 20 for each class but it would be a nice way for a DM to quickly reward a player or fill the shelves of a local shop. You could still keep the main one and if someone gets something they can’t use they can always trade


Thanks for the suggestions man. I had debated everything from rollable stats, negative stats, vancian Magic systems etc as optional rules but really it’s played really tight as is.

I’ll maybe compile things (including class specific loot) into a later options booklet of some kind. Probably just leave this as is at the 80 page length… it’s had over a thousand downloads so far so I don’t wanna rock the boat much with updating it again unless it’s a big spelling error etc.

Definitely keep me posted on how the game goes for the kids would love to hear about it.


I absolutely will. And I’d agree that it is good as is.


Great work. Love the style. A particular highlight is the monster section and the awesome players guide


Wow! This is simply awesome ! Exactly what I was needing and requesting for ages now!
And giving it for free in this trying times. Thanks so much !!! :hugs::hugs::hugs:


For anyone who has run this, what are some fun spell combos? Besides maybe a monster specific magic that players don’t have access to (keeping the awe of magic alive) I really want to stick to limiting it to the 20 available spells so when I play with my students they can become familiar with the spells, their use and how to work against them (or keep track of them during a fight)

With that I’m hoping to find some fun spell combos that fit the ‘feel’ of magical monsters; leprechaun’s might have Sleep and Charm, where an evil fire mage might have Blast and Fire. A witch would have access to most but maybe a swamp hag has Sleep, Illusion and Enchant. Any thoughts or ideas for some common magical monsters?


I made a FREE Fantasy Grounds Module for this which can be downloaded by checking out this thread on the FG forums…