Ancient Crypts & Creatures, an ICRPG Add-On


How are you using the supplies vs the backpacks? There is a week’s rations in the backpacks, but the supplies pack contains food for 4 people for one day.


I just use supplies for long distance travel (and feeding mounts) and the backpack rations for shorter treks and underground.


My assumption was a bag of supplies is kinda big so no one would pack them into a dungeon.


Makes sense. Considering that a supply pack takes up one equipment slot it will require the party to get pack horses and so on if you want to play out a more detailed overland trek.


That’s exactly how we use them, also they tend to hire retainers to guard their pack animals when they make treks into dungeons.


Have you considered an alternative to random loot as a level up? For instance class specific milestone tags? My group is not so keen on getting loot as a reward so I have been looking into other options


Class specific Milestones would be awesome. My group is the same way, I gave them random loot today at level 3 and I got an audible ‘ugh’.


Only concern I might have is if they get too many TAGs they may have trouble keeping track.


Maybe class specific Loot at those levels instead of random?


maybe class specific loot? Fighters get to choose from berserker braces, gauntlets of cleaving and so on?


Hahahaha we posted that at the same time


great minds think alike :joy:


Very cool dude! Thanks for sharing!


Yea, I think I’d better stick with BtW for core mechanics and just lift ICRPG tools to run it. The separation of spells into Cantrips, Spells and Rituals makes the Multiclassing with a Mage possible. Maybe I just take the BTW Magic as Tags and use the BtW spell list. Thanks for your reply, lots to ponder. This is incredibly useful for all OSR style games.


@DSMyers which font have you used for the character sheets?


Blackwood Castle


Wasn’t there a POD at Lulu? I was going to order it, but I can’t seem to find it.


I pulled it yesterday to update it. I’ll shoot you a DM when it’s ready, it’s still uploading.

Edit: Now Available


Thanks! It’s ordered!


Love the Darkthrone reference :metal: