Ancient Crypts & Creatures, an ICRPG Add-On


Hey everyone, just wanted to let you guys know I released this for FREE to everyone in the ICRPG community as a thank you for your awesomeness, given what is happening in the world I just wanted to give something to the great community we have here.

_"For use with Index Card RPG CORE 2E. _
Ancient Crypts & Creatures contains 4 Classes, 7 Races, new magical items and spells and over 100 classic monsters to help you recreate the good ol’ days. Use this add-on to play all of your classic adventure modules using the sleek and modern ICRPG ruleset."

If you see any misspelling, rules that are not clear, etc. PLEASE let me know so I can fix it!

Thank you guys!


umm…after just a quick flip through, there’s some very useful stuff in here. Thank you to you and your Sunday crew!

I’ll let you know if I find any helpful edits after I have a chance to sit down with it.__


HOLY COW LEVEL this is cool stuff man!


Good stuff and thanks for your generosity @DSMyers (pass on our thanks to your crew).

Can’t say I’m an old school RP’er but I can appreciate how accurately you’ve created an ICRPG version of old school D&D! I really like how you simply shuffled the respective Effort dice by each of the 4 original classes. They “feel” very accurate in that regard!

I also dig the character links. I’ve read exactly one book of the classic Forgotten Realms series, and just reading these link descriptions took me back to the feel of the party in that book.

There’s lots more to like but I’ll lastly mention that you’ve got a great d100 loot table as well!

It’s a well done conversion!


Thank you guys, was hoping there would be something in here that someone would use.

Was a fun little project. I have plans for a small book of dungeons with some new monsters and magic items for it.


Thanks for your generosity. Looking forward to reading this.


I also need to give a huge thanks to @Axebane for releasing his artwork on DriveThru for such a reasonable price. It allowed me to put this all together.


This looks fantastic! Thanks for doing this. What software did you use for the layout?


@Andreas I just used Apple Pages, I designed the background in Procreate on my iPad because I’m really familiar with it (I use Procreate for my normal job-I’m a tattooer). The rest of it is just standard stuff in Pages.


Thank you for this! I also am not interested in old school, but the ideas here are still really useful. The ‘Links’ table is elegantly simple, and the monster list is inspiring for designing enemies.


Very cool and right for my interests. Well done and I love how you shifted around the effort dice to create unique classes.

Just browsing but one thing caught my eye. The Crossbow states that is doesn’t add weapon effort Bonus? So it’s just Weapon Effort Dice damage always? Why does it cost more than a Bow? Its for all intents and purposes a way worse choice.


Nice one there @DSMyers! It looks and feels properly old school! Excellent work!
Thank you and @Axebane for your generosity!


This is fantastic! Exactly what I am looking for right now as we are going to start playing the classics from the “Tales from the Yawning Portal”. Looking forward to what else you can produce
Strength and Honour!

@DSMyers found a small spelling error

Thieve’s Tools

should either be Thieves’ Tools or Thief’s Tools


@FatherDagon good catch! Thank you.


In od&d crossbows sucked for adventuring, especially the larger ones (because they took a round to reload), but they were great military weapons if used by larger forces.

But those with low (negative) Dex would use them to not have the damage penalty they would with a bow.

And they cost more to build.

My only goal was to try to recreate that feeling with them.


Good to know, thanks.


This is so excellent! I love the Cost/Burn magic mechanic. Very simple but adds an awesome depth of player choice. Thank you for putting this up!


@pappapetes Cost/Burn are from ICRPG Magic (EXCELLENT BOOK). I just had to modify it a little to make it fit what I wanted to accomplish with this (Burn having no Cost) and Cost not being as harsh for higher level spells (most spells don’t get super powerful in AC&C, higher levels just add some dice or longer durations etc).

Thank you, I’m glad you like it. Theres another one coming soon, a book of small dungeons. I’m shooting for the end of next week.


When it comes to bows and crossbows I think you have to accept that they are not realistic representations and just go with the what makes for a cool feeling.

If not, then you would have to implement a whole bunch of rules such as strength requirements, reload times, armor efficiency etc.

I guess that that could be a fun exercise, but what would happen to all those slender elves when they suddenly can no longer draw their warbows that suddenly require 160lb of draw weight… maybe then it would make more sense to buy those crossbows :laughing:


While on the topic of crossbows. Perhaps there should be a range in the weapons list? I assume FAR

Also there is another thieve’s spelling error in the adventuring equipment list :wink:

Maybe add “Armor +2” for the shield in the equipment list to be consistent with the other armour types?

The Bugbear Surpise Attack should be Surprise Attack

The Ghoul description states Paralysis: When struck by a Ghast should be Paralysis: When struck by a Ghoul

Any plans for a character sheet?