An interesting way to make up villages, towns, or cities~



The sheet he’s working on is in the video description, and it’s free if you wanna try it out! :v:


If urban adventures are your thing… ok. otherwise. no. on first impression…looks like a lot of math involving itself in reality and the creative process.


Yeah, who doesn’t like to be involved with their creations? :smile:


Dice rolls are good to randomize some events/encounters. I don’t like dice determining the cities and locations that exist, and their forms. I seems weird, as if the DM has no idea what the world they created is, how it works, etc. It seems lazy in creativity and cohesion of world-building …and on the other hand, looks like the classwork an annoying teacher gives you to do when there is a substitute teacher.
I don’t like the bean counting that some games have. I never allow “magic shops”. Game-time used for shopping and crap is stupid. I dont roll play that unless there is an important NPC to introduce. And I do not have “adventuring guilds”. ugh. dont get me started.


Oh, I’m sure you could select some details rather than roll them. And think of a point-buy way to build the city, no problem there! You’re not forced to follow the rules, but they make for an engaging process and guide!

I don’t understand why you disallow magic shops, however I definitely agree that shopping during game-time is boring! I’d like to know your opinion on adventuring guilds, that seems oddly specific!

And hopefully you’re not another one of those GM who makes the player roll for any, silly action they take? Boooooring, am I right?


No on the silly rolls. I am at heart an OSR style player/GM. I play a modified homebrew ICRPG/OSE hybrid. (that requires quite a bit of explaining but Loot is not my primary “advancement” mechanism)

Magic shops? If i have to explain that to anyone, we probably don’t have the same spirit of the game. When magic items are like purchasing a stick of gum, you are light years away from me in terms of what the game should be like.

Adventuring guilds…where do i start? I dont like them. It gives the game an odd feel. Its “blue collar” and not in a good way. Its not heroic or bad-ass-ery.
I mean, i can understand it somewhat… but…no. Most parties that i have DMed for or were a player for were mercenaries. However, we were contacted due to our reputation, not some bungling adventures stumbling into a shop with goofy grins saying “lets do this adventure” yeah! (snatching the job listing off the corkboard)

My games are fast and mean…with a “Symbaroum” like feel to them.
But, my game isnt for everyone and i can respect people who want something very different. Just don’t expect me to like it. Live and Let Live.


we probably don’t have the same spirit of the game.
Live and Let Live.

I ain’t judging you, you’re very defensive. Besides, that’s an argument for more discussion, not less!
You mention OSR, so could I assume you play low-fantasy? I’m quite the fan of that kind of setting. In fact, I am collecting the old Conan comicbooks, and I’ve read Elric of Melniboné. What is your inspiration?
However, I feel like if a player gathers enough gold, he could certainly spend money to empower his items. Just like the king of the realm will hoard magic items to ensure his power is unchallenged. :muscle:


sorry if i come off as mean… I am an old grognard who has played since '81 (started with Moldvay box set) and don’t like the direction that game has gone. It makes me grumpy. This is why i love ICRPG. Its simplicity and “hackability”. These glossy new things on the shelf are not “workable”.

“low fantasy”? yeah. Magic Items in my game are significant, Not disposable for an upgrade from the next “dungeon”. (I also do not have Identify as a spell, it takes some research and consultation of scholars to get your answer to what you have)

Awesome to hear about your reading choices… I myself am a HUGE Robert E. Howard fan (as was Gary Gygax btw.) I currently dont have a complete collection but i do have 39 different Conan novels (all of which i have read) and have read all Micheal Moorcock’s Elric stories since childhood. Conan and Elric ARE my inspiration for DnD.

Side Note: Actually had a friend who had a rare copy of the 1st ed Deities and Demigods that had the Cthulu Mythos and Elric of Melnibone Pantheon in it. Was so jealous.


Hey, that’s fine sir. I’m happy to see grognards come to this community, to come back to the hobby despite the popularity of 5e. What are the homebrew things you add to your version of ICRPG?

Depending on the game I’m in, I allow magic item crafting but after the many quests to gather the resources necessary. But, the more I play D&D, the less interested I find myself in magic, I’ll be honest. :sweat:

I wonder if there is a Deities & Demigods PDF I could find, I would love to read it! As for my collection? Art books of video games. I love the concept art!