An Anchor podcast thing


So I started a podcast on talking about RPG material I like. My second episode is about ICRPG. I’m sure its not anything most everyone on the forum doesn’t already knows, but I wanted to share it. It mostly just me saying how much I really like the system, books and community.

If you’re not familiar with Anchor its a DIY podcasting app/service that tends to have less editing and more personal/one voice podcasts. And I’m still finding my podcasting format/voice. So don’t expect NPR or Radiolab. Just me talking about how cool ICRPG is.

Episode 2 - ICRPG

If you’d like to send an audio comment about the episode, you can do that through the Anchor app. I can use them in future podcasts, and comment/listener reply shows seem to be the norm on anchor. Or hit me up here in replies.

Be kind but fair. I’m just starting out podcasting, but I want to improve and would love to get feedback.



Awesome initiative!!
Hey you even got music. Now that’s enough for me :smile:
Is it possible to listen to this through other podcasts apps?
EDIT: Found you on the Castbox app!


It should be on most platforms. Apple, Spotify, Google too I think. Anchor gives you a publish to everywhere it can buttton, and I set it to on. If you search for

Tome of All Dooms

your podcast catcher of choice should find it. I listen to most of the Anchor stuff on Pocketcasts and it works fine.


Listening now, on Overcast. I can tell you’re having fun with it. Great job :+1:t3:


Found it on Overcast. Downloading now. Good on ya for throwing your hat in the ring!


Enjoyed the first episode - concise, clear and enthusiastic. Only one piece of feedback: the bell you use as a chapter break is mixed too loud.