AMAZING TALES! (pulp mini campaign offering)


Howdy all.

Inspired by @JDStirling’s quite lovely Jewel of the Monkey God (go grab it! : and @KaneDriscol’s amazing pulp interpretation of the adventure (here in these forums) I want to do a mini-campaign of several connected 1930s Pulp era adventures.

Reply if interested. I am thinking of using the Runehammer VTT.
Mainly a 2e quickstart rule set with a couple of small tweaks (I have a hand out or two that I will offer to all players so we have the same rules in our noggins). Examples guns use the Ghost Mountain rules. Charceters are based on Beneath the Door with some bonus class options from Sundered Shields and Silver Shilling’s Lovecraftian ICRPG Loot + Classes, here: . Sanity and magic may be used, but not to start, etc.

Ancient evils? Check.
Action and adventure? Check?
Moon Nazis? Just maybe!

I will ask players to be able to finish adventures, even if a single session has to go to a second day. But otherwise drop-in-drop-out for the different missions (an “adventure”).

Definitely looking to do a Discord session zero for the whole Guild of Daring, which will be the pool of players and the organization all will be a member of.


I can 100% tell you the adventure works wonderfully with Ghost Mountain gun rules and Beneath the Door character options. When I released the adventure I ran it in three styles: 30’s Pulp, Alfheim, and Warpshell. All went better than I could have imagined thanks to the amazing players in each of those games.

Thanks for the shout-out, @DanteFaustus! :heart::slight_smile::pray: I hope you have an amazing game!


Two adventures lined up already (in my mind at least) are the Crypt of Anubis and Andon Pagoda.

Both available on drive thru…


Trying to get a feel for the tone. What’s the ratio of horror to pulp you’re going for?


Much more pulp. Tad horror.