Alternative Stats and Weapons



For those who are interested, here is my alternative stats and weapon designs for my games. I’ve also attached a character sheet with the updated stats.

The most noteworthy changes of course are one-handed weapons being linked to DEX, two-handed being linked to STR, and ranged weapons being linked to WIS.

As for the weapons we have some utility for the melee types. Want a more tanky stance? grab a one-handed and a shield. Want to do the most damage to a single target in one turn? Let’s dual wield! Swarm of little enemies? Time to get the two-handed out and start swinging like a mad woman, but watch out your allies don’t get too close. This encourages players to swap between different weapon types in our loot oriented ICRPG!

Happy gaming everyone!


I just love some of these ideas and I will honor you by imitating / stealing them sometime :smile: Thanks for sharing!

We use Player-Facing Combat (players roll against Target to avoid attacks instead of rolling Defense sometimes) and Soak (Armor is damage reduction of one-half normal armor total), so I’ll be adding “Parry” under STR, “dodge” under DEX, and “block” under CON. The organization here is GREAT to show to new players. Your sheets are awesome and inspirational!


Glad you to hear you were inspired!

Your player facing combat sounds fun. Let me know if you need help making alternations to the character sheet.


I really like giving willpower rolls to CHA over WIS. Not certain how I feel about something like a mace or war hammer being a DEX weapon, but the design is nice and clean, so it has that going for it.

My own alternate stats were not well received, but you’ve kept all the same names, so that’ll probably improve reception



Actually Willpower being linked to CHR I want to say is part of icrpg core rules. “resist fear” on page 25 of master edition and page 24 of second edition. I first heard it on Runehammer and thought it was a good fit as well and haven’t looked back since.

I totally can see your arguement with mace and war hammers being more a STR weapon, but Id say having daggers and whips and such linked to STR seems equally as odd. I think its just a result of the universal weapon system were all weapons are treated equal. I know master edition deviated from that but honestly thats what really drew me to ICRPG. Other systems there was a “optimal” weapon choice like using a long sword in 5e over using a dagger for a 1handed weapon for example. The idea that players can make characters that use sling shots, a giant carrot, or a short sword because they think thats cool without being penalized is what its all about.


At first I was going to ask if the two handed weapon had a typo and was intended to specify different ranges depending on if you’re attacking a single target vs all targets. But now I’m seeing the caveat to attacking all near targets is probably just that you will attack ALL near targets, friend and foe alike. Is that right?


You are correct!

2h weapons can hit a single NEAR target or ALL NEAR targets friend or foe that have DEFENSE less than the attack roll of the 2h weapon. This puts them in the same category of the classic FIREBALL spell mages often have and this makes 2h melee users now share that role in swarm combat scenarios.

Plus how many of us DMs have been asked by our players if they could swing their 2h weapon and hit multiple targets in the past? Here is a solution.


With use of weapon tags, you could easily make BLUNT one handed weapons use STR as the primary stat. Maybe THROWN weapons like axes and darts could use an alternate stat.


Thats a good idea! I like that.


Now this is awesome.
I agree with the comment regarding “tags” as a way to have one-handed blunt weapons be STR based and Throw weapons being WIS based (while thrown).

I´m SO using this in my next session (probably a one show) to see how it goes.