Alternative Ghost Mountain Starting Gear



Tell me what I’m missing (other than the gatling gun :wink:)

Starting Gear

  • Wire and Plunger - demolition tools for setting off explosives.
  • Ammo belt - holds 24 bullets, and a holster
  • Buffalo Skin Coat - protects you from the cold. +1 DEF
  • Bull Whip - Inflict BASIC up to NEAR, or grapple.
  • Saddle, bit, and bridal, with lariat - you can carry it, but can’t travel with it.
  • Manacles and leg irons - lock ‘em up, but don’t lose the key. One heart to break or pick.
  • Coffee outfit - save one supply when camping; grant allies a HERO COIN at breakfast.
  • Flower Dress and Bonnet - Hide anything under there; appear non-threating from a distance.+1 DEF
  • Bounty-Killer’s Poncho - hidden iron plate; +2 DEF
  • Canteen - protects from the heat; +1 DEF
  • Hat - drop to ignore one gunshot or punch; after 3, need a new hat.
  • Miner’s helmet - light in the dark, +1 DEF
  • Lil’ Iron - “Big Slugs” does not apply; hit without rolling on your first attack of an encounter
  • Big Iron - Mighty big number. Six shots. MIN damage explodes
  • Repeater - 8 shots. Beat HARD if CLOSE
  • Shotgun - 2 shots; can both be made in one attack; CLOSE is HARD, but makes MAX damage EXPLODE.
  • Scattergun - 2 shots; can make both shots in one attack; NEAR is EASY; when Max EFFORT is rolled add another EFFORT roll
  • Hunter’s Bow - Add STR to damage
  • Bowie Knife - ULTIMATE damage when opponent is grappled.
  • Tomahawk - throw or chop; when Max EFFORT is rolled add another EFFORT roll.
  • Saber - +1 DEF in melee; MIN damage makes target bleed 1 HP for TIMER.
  • Buffalo Gun - ULTIMATE damage. 1 shot.
  • Sledge Hammer - 5+ damage hit makes target EASY to hit for 1 round.
  • Dynamite - Roll TIMER; ULTIMATE damage to NEAR for every stick in the bundle.


This is a really nice loot list, well done!

A couple questions though:

  1. The Bowie knife doing ULTIMATE when grappling? It seems odd maybe as a grappling weapon?

  2. Does the tomahawk explode like a grenade?


:laughing:The bowie knife being ultimate while grappling come out of my extremely limited knowledge of knife fighting, which basically says first you pin someone against a wall or on the ground, and then you can stab them wherever you want. So, the weapon is more about overpowering the opponent and then killing them, rather than swinging your knife at arm’s length.

The tomahwk means the damage dice “explode”, i.e., add another die of damage when you roll max.


I did a little research since my knife knowledge is also extremely limited. :grin:

Just some suggestions for clarity:

Maybe it should be written: Bowie knife: ULTIMATE damage when opponent is grappled

Tomahawk: throw or chop; When Max EFFORT is rolled add another EFFORT roll


Solid edits, though I kinda like the risk of two guys in a knife fight weighing whether or not to close in, knowing they both could be doing ULTIMATE to each other…but it probably won’t come up that much.


Well, you’ve got it spelled out just in case and that will be helpful when it does come up!