Alternative Death Rules for ICRPG



As I said above my groups are all kids so if you ever have a question on how to work around these sort of things send me a message and I’ll give you my take on it.Not that I’m an expert by any means but in the sort of environment where I work I have to be veeery careful not to push the wrong message.


Thanks heaps, I will definitely take you up on the offer at some point. It will be great to have a sounding board, as I am new to GM-ing as well as running a kids game. My kids are 13 and 9, and the 13 year old has got her friend hooked into playing too.


not to send you to another rpg but I started with the Hero Kids system (all d6 and super simple) and once they got a handle on that I moved over to ICRPG which I and they like loads more for its versatility.