Altered State gear costs



Hi all, I’m prepping to run my first Altered State game next week! I know my players will be very money-motivated, so I’m looking for ways to let them spend their coin.

Anyone have thoughts on prices for gear in the book/bonus gear?

Bonus: what about if a character wanted to back-up their stack? Or buy a new sleeve for a dead character? I’m sure those options exist for the right price.


I like to reference the “Common Price in Coins” list in the Purchase Method on pg 16 of the MAGIC book when I’m gaming using ICRPG.

If you feel a need to use bigger numbers for stuff, simply add 1-2 zeros to everything listed and mission accomplished.


You table your rules

…for the most part AS is in a post market economy. Things are traded. Things are given, Things are killed for.

At least that has been my take on the as written concepts.

Favors and debts are how the characters function. However, some universal trade goods can exist. But that can change in different parts of the same mega-city. Or you can come up with a universal currency.

Certain things are super cheap…but true high end tech or getting off planet are near impossible things to strive for.

It is an apocalyptic setting, but as opposed to one big event, it’s the slow grind of society falling apart. After all the producers and buyers have left, or died.

The powers that be are trying to maintain their power. They are grinding their systems to the ground, not making new systems.

Most people are just trying to survive or live as their parents did. Sure their are food shortages…but there has always been.