So I’ve just got into Altered State and retuned and I’m loving it!!! :heart_eyes:
I have one question about the new death and dying rule. Am I right in thinking once you drop to 0hp you role a D6 as normal for dying and then you have to wait to be “stabilised” before you can roll a CON check to “pop up with 1hp” so no rolling D20 to “pop up”?

(Image is me playing with adobe draw on my phone) :grin:

Thanks in advance


Yeah that’s how I understand the rules to be. Once you hit zero, you fall unconscious and roll for dying. Someone then needs to come stabilize you before you can begin rolling CON to pop up to 1 HP (if someone were to try to heal you in anyway, I would assume you pop up with that many hit points).

I’d be willing to guess that because there is always a possibility to RETUNE your Stack, timing out on your dying roll doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dead-dead. You just have to avoid being slagged.


Yeah you gotta have a retune happen at some point, in fact I’m starting my game with all the players waking up from a retune. Kinda like a cyberpunk ‘prisoners of molok‘ start


Nice! The game I’m setting up has the team investigating a fellow Runner’s murder.

Are your players going to have their memory or was this an unanticipated retune?


I’m still thinking about that, I’m tempted to give them “retune amnesia” and ill tell them who they are/were so they can then choose to be the person they were or change there ways


Maybe whatever ripperdoc or cyberphysician that performed the retune lied to them about who they were and where they came from, and the doctor ends up being embroiled in the whole conspiracy! whatever that may be


I had a idea that as soon as they wake up someone’s like “quick we need to leave, they are here!” And then boom! SWAT team burst in and the chase begins!!!


Here’s how it works:

The turn after you drop, roll a D6. Roll a D20 to pop as normal. If you get a 20, you pop up with one HP. If you don’t get a 20, you slowly tick down the D6 until you die or are stabilized. This mechanic works exactly like ICRPG 2e.

The difference in Altered State is that once a character is stable, he or she doesn’t have to sit and wait for healing or wait to roll a nat 20 to get up. A stable character can roll CON to get up with one HP. This change fixes the wonky scenario in 2e where a character is stable but sitting there at 0 hit points and hoping for a D20 for rounds on end or for someone to heal him or her.


This is a dope idea. Hell yes, man. :metal::herocoin: :+1:


late to the party , but great sketch:)