Altered State - BIO-MUTATION TAG



Hi All,

Just ordered the Sci Punk Anthology book on DriveThroughRPG.
While reading through the .pdf I noticed the discription for the BIO-MUTATION TAG is missing. [pg 19/116]


Tried searching for what this TAG does but so far no luck in finding anything related.
Requesting some help to find the discription or figuring out how to use this TAG.


I don’t have the book, but are there analog tags for mutants, monsters, or something mutagenic elsewhere in the book?


This is straight from Altered State book. It must have gotten clipped when going to the Sci Punk Anthology maybe?


I will add this to my .pdf

To bad it got lost when combined in this awesome collection called the Sci Punk Anthology.
If also missing in de physical book I will try to add it in as neat as possible.




Yeah no problem!
At least it’s an RPG book, so scribbled in notes fit right at home LOL. Good luck!


Man, in the quick start there is no tag, mutants just get +2 to DEF.