All my card packs for download again



Hey everyone,
as previously promised I put up all giveaways I did so far. You can grab the 4 sets with 8 cards each here:
I hope you can make use of them - even in those unfortunate times :wink:


Thank you very much. !!!


High quality stuff! Thank you. Them there some fancy photos too.


Thank you very much for sharing these with us!


Thank you so much! I grabbed your March deck and love it. Any tips on getting these printed? Paper quality, etc?

Not to make more work for you, but think you would do a backside to the cards?


Hey, happy you like it. :blush:

I printed mine on slightly thicker than normal paper (on my home printer). In Europe it’s 120 gramms per square meter. Not sure what this would translate to in other standards. Then I glued it to a second layer of even heavier paper made for watercolor paintings and cut it out in the last step.

I did not plan to make a backside, but I might think about it. In another community someone also suggested to put up the blank card so you can add your own cards with the same design to the collection :slight_smile:


Very cool. I am running Curse of Strahd right now and had the tarroka deck printed on 20 pound silk card stock by a local printshop. It was very reasonably priced and they came out just like waxed playing cards. Yours would look amazing on something like that!


Super awesome, Thank you!!!


Can you write a post in that subreddit: r/TableVirtuelle ? It is a french speaking subreddit about TTRPG but i think they would be very much interested by your work.
Post it in english, it won’t be a problem for us to translate it after.

Cheers ^^


feel free to share the link with all communities you think could benefit from the cards. I think it makes more sense when you as a member (I assume you are) post there if you want to. :wink: