All Master Edition starting loot and equipment?



I feel like I remember seeing a thread from someone who had consolidated all of the starting loot and equipment into one convenient document. Am I imagining things or does anyone else have that post? I’m trying to save myself some book keeping if I can.



Is this the one you’re thinking of?


That may have been the post in my head but that’s not really what I need.

I’m getting ready to run my a Vigilante City game for some folks who are new to ICRPG. The VC character creation rules specifically allows for picking starting loot/equipment from ANY WORLD so I was trying to consolidate it all into one place. I was trying to avoid the situation of flipping through to the various worlds and types trying to find a specific piece of starting loot for each PC. I actually just finished copying and pasting it all into a Google Doc just to help me find things quickly.

Thanks for sharing though! I might use that to help with loot distribution in my games as well!