Alfheim Weapon Mod


Hail Shields

My group and I in our running Fantasy Alfheim setting decided to make a Minor but for us a cool feeling update to the way we treat or rather categorize the Effort Dice.

As Gun Effort has no real use to us we went for following.

D4 - Basic Effort, the way we all know it

D6 - Tool Effort and Small inconspicuous weapons like knives, knuckle dusters, slingshot and so on

D8 - Weapon Effort, here we placed all your classic one handed and standard ranged weapons

D10 - Magic Effort, we also decided that large two handed weapons have there place here.

D12 - Ultimate Effort, as is

The idea was to put weapon damage slightly more in line with d20 systems like Five Torches Deep, Deathbringer, OSE but without losing the coolness of what Effort does.

It’s nothing ground breaking, but we enjoy it and It felt worth like sharing

Efforts named

Blank Version


Really like the effort breakdown, was thinking of tweaking our campaign that way, especially for 2-h weapons. Thanks for sharing


Nice! Definitely going to give this a try next session!


Small addition to what we do, players always try to find a way to bend the rules to their likings

The quarter staff and other overly basic two handed weapons fall under the D8

D10 weapons we would evaluate the quality and go for a gut feeling if this would be a d10 weapon.

Magicians are as always a special case, in our little setup we say they don’t have the skill or strength to wield D10 weapons, in the same sense we say that chainmail and plate armour will block the energy’s of the cosmos (the aluminium hat theory)


What did you use to generate this sheet? (program/editor)


Glocke Made the original with some software, I used word to paint over the words so they are blank and another friend used Photoshop to rename the effort :sweat_smile: