Alfheim -- The Grey Hill Fire


A delay at the airport finally gave me some time…did you want our stats now too?


That looks great!

I will be sending out the session link via emails sometime this morning. I have all the maps done and just the mechanics to do for the last section. I think I have come up with a pretty handy way to use roll20 which I personally haven’t seen before.

We really do need a tricked out character sheet to put macros to use; I may have to research how to do that stuff and upgrade for a bit to build it out. For this one though, paper on the player’s side and the system dice roller is how we will have to do it due to the nature of the adventure.


I already sent my character to BG, but since everyone else is posting their characters here… :wink:

Looking forward to tomorrow!


Just a slight tease


@fancyscrams I can remove the “box” on yours but it kinda made your token look like a picture in a pocket chain and I thought it was cool looking.


I want to hear a letter this person wrote from the war while this portrait slowly pans across the screen.



Session link to roll20 emailed. The home page has a doc you can peek at when you load in. Once you join, I think I will then be able to assign tokens. I think you just have to log in once and can then log out again for me to do the token stuff.

You can also pick a milestone as a ‘backup’ option. You will be getting one for sure and I’m fine with you opting out of how I manage that and swapping it with a choice of your own if you prefer. Much quicker if you have it on the side and ready to go.


I have no problem with it. It’s hip to be square.


Quick recap — sound was a bit of a nightmare with roll20. Eventually it just suddenly worked. I rebooted, I kept refreshing connection, I plugged my mic out and in again. Nothing. Then suddenly after I was about to give up it just worked.

It seems like it breaks but isn’t on the primary person’s side. Like players could hear me but I could not hear any of them. Then it was reversed. Once we all started refreshing it seemed to fix itself. When sound is not working — EVERYONE should refresh under the setting gear tab.


This was an origin story for the ashen company. The players all started with a curse and as prisoners of the red mage who was experimenting on them. They had to escape and grab whatever gear they could on their way out.

Then they had to fight animated armor and the red mage’s black smith in the keep’s courtyard. The tentacles showed up on the timer!

The final scene was a gauntlet run where the timer got harder as they advanced down the path.

They rose to the occasion and actually DEFEATED the Red Mage. I really didn’t think that was going to happen.

I am going to put it all into a PDF other than the maps which are 2-minute photoshop hacks and some random tentacle art I found on google.

I may redraw all of those parts for the PDF as practice.


And this was what I was going for with my set-up: 25x75. Map at 25x25 — then 2 PDF pages. They fit pretty solid on that roll20 dimension. The right page was visible to the players and the left was on the GM layer allowing me to see my mechanics for each room.

I also did 2 of the same map so I could quickly drop it behind the front one to spring the “trap” and get that “ah crap” moment.

I did the same thing on the other page with the keep and the tentacles. Then with the mage I had a crazy fire stream for one of the mage’s spells.


Last one — this is how I think I will be doing my mechanic pages from now one:


Where did you get the d4 graphics?


Thanks again for running the game yesterday, I had a great time!

The mechanics page looks awesome!


If you run it again I’d love to jump in on it.