Alfheim Loot tables / fully indexed with permission



Does anyone know if the Loot tables from core 2nd edition, have been alphabetized and/or sorted by type? I rarely want to randomly roll on the loot tables, I would rather “drop” things that the PC’s can use. A rearranged loot list would be helpful.

If I were to do it, would it be inappropriate to share it on this forum?

_ With permission, the 5 Alfheim loot tables ported into excel. Each of the 500 items are labelled with one or more of the following attributes: Coin, Item, Other Wearable, Ring/bracelet, Amulet, Food, Armor, Int Spell, Wis Spell, Weapon, Melee and Ranged and Trap. _

The spread sheet headers have filters so you can sort and display any subset of any of those attributes. This makes it handy to find and look through for example all the Amulets (there are only 8).

You can get the spread sheet here

Loot table community Project!

I don’t think they have been.

and yes! I rarely give my heroes random loot as well. I like to pick stuff out before the game that they will actually use.



I never used a random loot table before playing ICRPG. I’d always carefully populate every NPC or chest or dragon hoard with items. There’s definitely value in that mechanism, and it can lead to some really useful loot.

But when I switched my party to using ICRPG rules, I took to following Hank’s advice of “a chest in every room” (even if the party doesn’t find it), and that’s too much to populate by hand. So rolling from the tables became the norm.

I’ve found this to be a delightful experience, for a couple of reasons.
First, I can roll on any of the relevant tables, which expands the number and variety of loot to be discovered. This room is a “shabby loot” roll, next one is “sci fi”, next is normal, next is “bizarre”. I don’t follow any real rhyme or reason.

Second, if I roll something wildly out of place / over-powered / thematically incorrect, I re-roll. It takes seconds to do, and doesn’t slow things down in any real way.

Third, it amps up my ability to be creative. We don’t use spells in my game, so I find it a fun challenge to provide a narrative description of what thing provides this WIS or INT spell-like ability for my players. They love finding some weirdo looking Star Trek tri-corder thing that they discover lets them read thoughts when they aim it at someone (the mind link spell, as happened in last night’s game).

Fourth, and most importantly to me, random loot vastly expands the creative opportunities for my players. “What the hell am I going to do with this glider parasite?!” But the player loves knowing that he has this crazy arthropod attached to him now, even if it does nothing particularly useful most of the time. It differentiates his character, and gives him something fun to use when plotting out wild antics he might never have tried before!

Some of my loot drops are still bespoke, because the dice can be fickle; but I’ve learned to really enjoy the variability and unpredictability that can result from random loot. :herocoin:


I am not suggesting to toss out the tables, I am just wondering if anyone has converted the loot tables to be usable/searchable in different ways. i.e. I want this room to drop a sword… There isn’t a table for that, but there could be.


Answer to Original Post.

Not to my knowledge. But this being a DIY game, you can make your own tables as needed.

I’d recommend d8 tables for specificities, but you can make them of some things you create, and some things from things already on the lists.

That said. If playing default ICRPG. Let the players roll. It makes it feel like it’s their luck and not your mind.

  1. Searching the loot tables: CTRL-F is a thing. I use it with the PDF frequently.

  2. I’m sure most folks here own ICRPG, but there are folks who don’t. If you post the tables in any format here, you’re putting the rules out there for free for folks who may not have purchased it. Unless Hank says you can, please don’t post them here.

  3. By all means, make your own sword table, armor table, and scroll table. Or others. I do this all the time, consistent with ICRPG’s DIY spirit. Use existing loot or come up with your own. Currently, I’m running a D4 table for chests in my current game that gives: 1. Potions; 2. 1d10 coin; 3. Potions; 4. Random roll on the shabby table. I scrawled this table into my journal. It took 2 minutes. You can easily scour the loot tables and grab a few items that fit the bill for a room, chest, or encounter.


Also, let me say: one of my favorite things to do is to give a specific piece of awesome loot to a boss and have that boss use it against the players. I make a real show of it. If they kill him, it is theirs. So, I totally understand why you’d want to plan specific items at times. Players love “earning” a cool item this way. “Come take it, if you’re strong enough.” :smiley:


you have made the old gods proud


Uhm… unless you have permission from Runehammer… you CANNOT share the loot tables here or anywhere!

Just a word of warning.


Permission received.


You sir. Are my hero of the day. I was going to enter them manually. I’m using Foundry VTT