Alfheim Living World: Rise of the Ember King



2 Sessions: April 27th and May 4th, 5PM PDT

Castle Grey lies in ruins, inhabited only by the hollow shells of the undead. Survivors cling to each other in small shelters, huddled around the campfire for warmth. For most, survival is an everyday struggle, but for a select, strange few, destiny has called. Dreams and visions compel them to enter into the ruined city and ascend the castle, braving whatever evil lurks in those dead halls, in search of salvation… Or doom!

Hello Shield Wall! Following after wonderful example set by @Chuck_Lemons, @GMagnus, and @Achris_K_Ringle, I’m jumping into this awesome community to GM at least one night of gaming; more if things go well and people want to stick around.

I’m looking for 3-5 players with either new characters or other living Alfheim characters they’ve used int he past. If you’re interested you can respond here, DM me on Discord, or email me; all the pertinent info is in the doc below.



YESYESYESYES!!! Can’t participate due to timezones and all but YES TO THIS


Ashen Rangers are fully welcome to join other GMs. You are where you are needed! To quench the darkness within Grey


This is 8 eastern right? I would be interested but new to the whole scene… pretty sure i have everything in place to jump in though… this is perfect timing for me… let me know and ill be a +1


Yup, 8PM EST. Do you have a Discord account?


yea i got discord…


Cool, send me your username (or DM me there) so I can get a group chat started in the next day or two; If we get another person or two to fill out the group we can start using that to talk characters and stuff.


Sounds good… ill get back tomyou later today


My Discord is NyAssassin#9011


I’d like in, if I could be so bold. Been liking playing ICRPG just as much as DMing it and got a surgery coming up that’ll keep me out of the gaming tabels for a while…


Certainly! Send me a DM or friend request on discord (@Saagael#5728) and I’ll add you to the group chat.


I can’t seem to find you there…


I think in order to DM someone you have to befriend them? At least that’s what I’ve had to do in the past.


Hi, I live in Wellington. I DM allot of DnD and ICRPG. I would be interested in playing. Do you have available seats to fill ?


Yup! One small change is that we decided to split this little adventure into two sessions, on April 27th, and May 4th (same time for both). If you’re cool with that and can make it to either or both, go ahead and send me a DM here with your discord info and I’ll get you an invite to the chat group.


Just gonna give this one last bump since the game starts in one hour, and there’s still room for a couple more people.