Agnes Paine, the Red Fang



Another bit of character art. This one is of my wife’s character, Agnes Paine. The Invisible Death, Wielder of the legendary Red Fang, Demon Slayer, and Savior of Norburg.

I’m proud of this one! I did use a reference from @Runehammer for the pose and shape. Took longer than I wanted, but that will change with time and practice.

Finished! For your (non-commercial) use! Updated portrait, VTT token, and mini ready for a DIY papercraft. Enjoy!


WIP of her twin sister, Sabina, the Piromage:


Dude… epic character art there! … maybe tone down the red background… feels like her red skin is blending into the background a bit too much… but it looks very nice…

Game On!


Mad improvement on the last :heart_eyes:


Great artwork. I use Sketchbook too. Such a great software for drawing.
I’d probably tone down the saturation on some of the colors of the background. It’s a bit hard on the eyes. But otherwise great work, and cool characters. I dig the spell effect on the last one. :metal::sunglasses::beer:


Great feedback @Meadbeard, thanks! I’m planning on more subdued tones for the next few, blues/greys/greens/etc. Future red tone bases will be much less aggressive (not a fan of the bright red in the background).

I think the next couple characters will be Warp Shell, maybe Altered State. Anyone have some inspiration fuel?


these are my artwork with modifications, which is fine, but credit is always appreciated :slight_smile:


Sorry, @Runehammer! I’ll update the post with proper attributions.