After the Garden



Characters atop their new friend.

The first session, which is the subject of my zine on Kickstarter, went so well we moved from doing a one-shot into a campaign. This session was about setting them up to explore the world, and I wanted something big for them to go up against. I was inspired by this awesome post, I made my own version.

I tried to design the rock monster to be pretty simple to make with no glue or tape nessisary. It folds down like a pop-up card so it can be put away with other paper minis. I plan on including it in the print and play files for the Kickstarter, along with the other creatures they fought called Drowmi.

DROWMI (They are kind of like the goblins of this world)

I thought they would kill the rock creature, but they actually befriended it. I’m pretty happy with how the rock monster turned out, but I’ll need to modify the way they interact with it as the campaign continues, because it looks like they want to take him with them. ICRPG makes it so easy for me to put these things together, and to change things up. I ended up taking the damage hearts and flipping them into effort they had to overcome to calm him down and befriend him.

Most of my friends are also artists, and one of them sculpted minis of all the characters. I didn’t get a good closeup picture of them, but they are amazing!

If you interested, you can see my other post HERE
Or the Kickstarter HERE




Ok. Stop. You are killing me here.


Wait, should I actually stop?


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Your style rocks so hard! I love seeing what you create. :slight_smile:


Dude, your golem came out great. Your art style really brought it to life man. Looking forward to your kickstarter. Keep up the good work!


I’m glad everyone seems to like him, haha.

Yeah, I’m super happy with how it’s going! It’s hit the middle slump, but that’s normal for a Kickstarter.