Affinity V2 is out! (Including Publisher for iPad!)



Greetings, fellow lumpy heads and aspiring self publishers! For those familiar with the Affinity suite of products, they just dropped V2 for sale with a lot of upgrades. Currently $100 (even for pre-existing users), it is a single purchase which allows you to use all 3 apps across all MacOS (including iPads) and windows devices, as many as you own. And yes, this means Publisher for iPad is finally out! There is currently an option to try it for 30 days.

Affinity V2

I plan on trying it out and giving a better yea/nay recommendation later, but I encourage you to get the trial version to see if it works for you.


Just purchased. I know I’m a user of Publisher, already used it on Windows. Now I just switched full-time to Mac, and I have an iPad Pro, this deal was too good to be true.


I snagged Publisher from this deal! I’m considering picking up designer as well, I may try out the trial on it first, it would be good to be able to do vector work at some point.


Yeah, it was something I’ve been waiting for since they claimed Publisher for iPad was to be released in 2020. I already had pub for windows and photo and designer for iPad and was looking to spend ~$50 for those apps on windows when this dropped. It was an easy decision at that point.

@rpgerminator, I had been working on a project inPublisher before getting this. I have some serious editing work to do since there were some issues importing a V1 file to the iPad version, but after I sinc my fonts it should be easy. I’m also really looking forward to doing vector and raster work in the document itself!

Samples of what it looked like after import:


If you got the universal license, Designer and Photo are included! :smiley:


What you have going on there is looking fantastic! This is going to seriously open up some options for me for creating content! I just purchased publisher for $40 so I don’t think the other two are included. I use Photoshop so I went back and forth with spending the extra cash for the whole kit knowing that I would likely not use photo and designer only rarely.