Adventures of Ezequiel Phoenix



Shout out to @DMChef for the inspiration for this one…


A new World Primer for ICRPG about famed adventurer, ex-paratrooper, and doctor of physics Ezequiel Phoenix.
It is the year 1933, born in 1901, the Dr. retired from the US military with specialties is climbing and piloting. Loves longs walks in the rain with slow alcohol and fast women. He has a deathly fear of spiders.

Famous Quote: … from atop the mountains of Kilimanjaro … “Horses are great, but jumping out of a plane is faster!”

The good Dr. has been lost in some Aztec ruins in southern Mexico for a month. His brother and colleague, William Phoenix Jr., would like you and your team to venture out to the last known location, Cañón del Sumidero. and bring him back, alive if possible.
Their company, the Phoenix Corporation, will cover travel and basic climbing equipment along with transport back to civilization once he is found.

Can you and your team find the Dr.? What will be the fate of this infamous explorer?

Join us next week and find out what awaits in
Episode 1 - JUNGLE of the LEOPARD PEOPLE !

The document is only an adventure starter, but I am sure you can come up with the rest using some of the BEYOND THE DOOR and GHOST MOUNTAIN World Primers! Link is in the Main and Episode TitleGame On!


@Ezzerharden I just got a chance to read through this. Super cool. Great primer for an adventure!

I am really dazed at how this unfolded. I didn’t really expect to get that kind of response from every one. I will say it again.

“Fantastic community. That’s what I tell people. This is just a freakin’ fantastic community!”


“Gaming is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get.”

Honestly I am a big Indiana Jones fan so writing it was super fun. You are just a spark I needed to write the starter. I think it would be really cool to throw together a bunch of episodes of games for a very Indiana Jones feeling adventures… I actually had the idea to create something similar in the warp shell universe for Ezzerharden the psyker.